Pre-valentines day celebration ♥

Today.. Wednesday, 13th February 2008, we began a tradition..
ok fine it can’t be counted as a tradition yet cuz we’ve only done it once
BUT it’s goin to be one.. lol so let’s see how long it lasts….
again i’m bloggin when i’m suppose to be doing my chem homework..
and later my legal homework.. i use to enjoy legal studies.. now i feel like i’m back in primary school
our sub calls us "children".. how degrading is that.. and she checks our homework too.. so i gotta do it =(
anyhoos.. back to the tradition.. yes we have decided that we shall meet up every year the day before valentines day
or maybe week before…
i mean if we all go in different directions this may be the only chance we see each other every year…
and that’s why this WILL become a tradition =]
lol but we have to have a post-valentines day celebration too.. cuz marcia couldn’t make it today..
so maybe that’ll be part of tradition too lol…
OMG but the ice cream was TOO MUCH… eurgh.. it was so sweet.. ok it would’ve been alright in moderate amounts
but we had a 2L tub of Cadbury Honeycomb and Chocolate between 5.. well there was 6 of us but Ellen didn’t wanna eat
cuz she was on a diet..
i felt so sick after that.. and Rachel and Alice left us half way so Celina, Chi and I had to finish the last half
lol… Chi threw up cuz it was TOO MUCH.. lol i think i ate the most and was probably pale…
other than that is was good
cuz we made a card in which we will record all this lol… a
but for the post-valentines day.. it’s goin to be hot food lol.. YAY!!! and it’ll be on friday
i have the pictures under Pre-Valentines Day.. lol the ice cream looks.. hehe.. well i’ll let you see for yourself
it was great to spend today with friends and getting sick together..
lol we’re betting that by the time we’re 20.. we’ll never wanna eat ice cream again and we’ll all be healthy people…
haha but i’m off cookies n’ cream ice cream and now i’m off honeycomb and chocolate ice cream…
only a few more flavours to go
sigh so tired right now.. jst wanna fall asleep in my four matteress bed.. ahhh so nice =]
okies just gotta finish chem and then do legal.. almost done =]=]
goodbye all,
baiz and goodnights,
Helen ♥
lol ended up finishing this on valentines day.. even though i started the day before =p

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