Valentine’s Day

stupid live spaces.. it wasn’t loading all night.. and now the only time it works, it’s already past valentine’s day..
oh wells…
lets see what good things that happened this valentine’s day…
Chi gave us chocolate and a letter from LOVE…i got an E.. Whoot love you chi =]
Celina was late to school cuz she was making chocolates for us.. gotta love her =]
Alice was boring … lol jkz.. she wished us all a happy valentine’s day amd so did marcia..
haahha i was the lamest.. all i did was reply to people saying it to me …
oh wells…i was there in spirit lol…oo and i have two hearts painted on my face… ♥♥
OO KATIE GOT HOUSE CAPTIN for RUSE !!!… YAY =D.. and of course i voted for her
most classes were a bludge cuz of crossroads…
hahah alice was funny..
and i feel so tired… i jst wasted my whole night … painting my nails blood red..
lol it’s been like over 6months since i last did this.. cuz everytime it turns up crap and i give up and leave it..
so this time i tried to get it perfect… man it takes ages.. i think i’m just goin to copy out my maths stuff from
the loose sheets of paper and into an actual book lol… hopefully i can find it all and it’ll redeem me for not really
doing anywork lol.. i think i have legal studies to do too.. mehs do that in roll call
lol oo and guess what we’re doing today…
we’re goin to have a POST-VaLentine’s Day celebration after school… hhahah aren’t we unique
we don’t really celebrate valentine’s day but the day before and the day after…
can’t beat that can you XP 
sigh gotta do my chem this weekend.. let’s hope i can finish it before sunday… cuz i need to practice
and then we have english assessment too… creative writing.. gotta think of a journey etc etc
and me and alice have to finish our radio drama
society i have to do my logs and more research.. only one period tomorrow.. so i think i’ll bring my book and do some logs.. whoot go me
oo and we might be having an excursion for society too =D… PIP DAY or something like that in the city.
lol i feel so tired.. but i gotta wait for nail to dry damnnit.. hahah this is goin to be the third last time i’m doing this this year..
swimming carnival’s on 28th April… dunno who’s coming yet.. but i know for sure MARCIA and CHI.. i think celina..
not alice, lol which then means not sarah, not yim… and yeh definitely ME!!!!
me and marcia are goin to do a theme.. and chi already knows what she’s goin to wear.. i wanna win best dressed lol
haha last year what i was wearing was scary lol…i looked almost half naked..
hahah i remember katie so didn’t wanna walk with me .. it was that bad lol
so this year i might behave.. it all depends on my clothes and what the theme is =D
lol i was watching today tonight and this psychologist was like valentine’s day is so overrated and it should really be concentrated on couples and friendships and someting about something i can’t rememeber HAHA.. oh wells..
lol we didn’t really spend much of valentine’s day together as a group
recess… i was in the library, alice and sarah in the quad, celina wasn’t here yet, no one knew where marcia was
lunch… marcia, celina, christina, pei ling, alice and i were in room 48 watchin them performing their dance for next week when the japanese school girls come.. lol alice was dying ahha and i kept smacking her in the face with marcia’s scarf.. i think she would’ve killed me if i did it a few more times XP
and sarah had class so she wasn’t there…
and then after school i think it was only chi and marcia that walked…
alice and i had afternoon class
celina went to meet shan i think.. oh maybe she walked too? and sarah left after lunch
yeh so it was kinda uneventful lol except for my hearts… i like them =].. thanks tijana
arggh feeling so tired.. i jst wanna sleep.. mehs stuff maths.. i’ll do it some other time… too tired.. lol
Goodnight everyone.. sleep tight and i hope you all had a good valentine’s day =]
Helen.. or as kwak likes to call me now chelen lol XP

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