my day of nothing =D

let’s see … i think i shall blog….
that’s the thought i had at 3.36am in the morning.. since i was doing nothing anyway lol
the only people online on my msn is
hahhha oh and me of course.. cuz i’m the kinda person that adds themselves on msn hahah.. jst to check my status of course XD
yes… so why am i still up?
lol dunnos.. i’m tired enough to fall asleep right now… but it’s so much effort to actually go to bed..
it’s actually physically challenging .. cuz i have 4 mattresses and all lol.. so i literally jump to bed now
so what am i doing?
it’s kinda classifed as nothing… cuz i’m jst listening to music, playing games and chatting.. all the things i can do whilst dreaming
and i really should be finishing my speech.. haha spent all day on it.. no wait that’s a lie.. but i had it open all day and i only have 3 sentences…
chi has like 5 pages lol… it’s due tuesday so i gotta hurry up.. should try and finish it tomorrow.. but we’ll see how i go…
and i should probably be writing notes in case i need it one day for tests and so on…
OMG i really can’t wait till swimming carnival…. last one ever
last time to be crazy
last time to go all blue
last time to see hardly anyone turn up.. where’s your pride people? XD
i hope we can at least get the spirit cup this year…
weekends are boringly filled with so much work to do…
i am feeling unmotivated hehehe
i know what i have to do.. but i keep avoiding it cuz i can =]
oo my dad’s cool, cuz he can fix computers, change locks, fix cars, can cook (really well!! =]), is funny, understands me, holly, my mum and so much more and cuz he’s just my dad.. and obviously he has to rock everybody’s sock’s off =D
my mum’s cool too cuz she let’s me do almost anything, she’s understanding, hehe she forgives me easily, she will do almost anything for me if it’s in reason, she’s more up to date than me lol cuz i live under a rock, she buys me stuff hehehe, she knows what makes me tick, she’s funny and cuz she’s just my mum and she has to be cool to give birth to such an AMAZING PERSON like me.. hahah jkz.. but she is cool beyond reason =D
yes i love my parents… i have to and i want to lol… cuz they supportive, they know what to do and will do it to the best of their ability
they always make me and holly happy and our friends to cuz they’re just the nicest people.. hehe when we haven’t made them mad.
In short they make me happy that i was born into this family and to them.
♥ I Love My Parents ♥
baiz everybody
i should sleep… very soon after my game lol

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