last ever swimming carnival for us

thursday was our last swimming carnival ever
so of course we had to make a big impression…
so i made a skirt, top and belt out of cards.. playing card and fishing wire and ribbons
if you want me to be specific
lol so it was a cool day
hehe got lots of attention
lol i think the funniest expressions were when people actually realised they were cards and they’d be like
"can i touch them?… omg they really are cards"
lol funny funny
lol but the swimming carnival was cancelled just before recess so it was basically a bludgy day cuz the teachers weren’t prepared for it to be cancelled so the rest of the day was pretty fun too..
something crap happened and if you want to know you can ask me.. i’d rather not type it down…
stupid memory could possibly have destroyed the day.. but because of everyone else.. it didn’t..
so it’s a good thing =]
i liked my hair lol it was crazy heheh and my cards flower =D
almost right after swimming carnival i had to go mardi gras volunteers meeting lol
i ended up being late to meet Rachel but u gotta cut me some slack lol
i had to get rid of all the make up.. hose down my hair so that it was slightly normal..
though you could still feel the hair spray and some of the colour was still in
and i had to get changed as a well .. all within 10-20mins..
so i was pretty quick
but yehs we were half an hour early for the meeting anyway so we went and got food
cuz rachel and i were hungry
went through with the meeting.. i’m really excited.. heheheh
and everyone seems really nice.. i guess you have to be if you choose to volunteer lol
so we’re in the end area, chi, rachel and me, and we tell all the performers to move it along
we dont’ get to see the parade =(.. but i’m alright with that cuz we did apply late lol.. like last week HAHA..
so it’s understandable.. since they did say some applied as early as four months ago..
so i’m keeping a lookout for 2009 Mardi Gras.. anyone else wanna come join us next year?
hehe after the meeting rachel went home and chi and i WALK from redfern to central…
lol we were kidna scared cuz it was all dark and hardly anyone was around
haha we were suprised by some people entering/leaving their car cuz we didn’t know they were there
but we were okish cuz i had an umbrella as a weapon whoot!!!
lol as we were walking we saw KFC.. lol and was like
"OMG it’s a sign"
so we went in there to get food.. hot chips and wicked wings
OMG the CHIPS were SOOOOO NICE!!!! the wicked wings too…
we bought it and left and ate it on the train..
and then yeh came home, did a little homework and went to sleep.
lol today was a funny day too.. haha alice and i are so mean >=]
lol that kinda sums the day…6 words.. and you can all guess wat we got up to…
of course some of our usual antics lol..
it got so much at one point that i was choking on my food from laughter XD
date with DESTINY!!! hhahahah
okies, tired, gotta make sure i’m able to wake up to go and volunteer tomorrow lol
goodnight everyone
sleept tight =]

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