balancing ACT

shall not write too much as .. i can’t remember everything lol
but BALANCING ACT was fun… and educational
Period 1 and 2 –  learnt about time management and got a lollipop, stickers, an apple and the
"Year 12 2008 are the best" sign from the apples so i was happy =]
Recess –  ate the lollipop and apple and took some random photos
Period 3 and 4 –  did stress management, it was average.. the slide was information overload so it was like bleurgh
teacher kept staring at me and marcia grr…
Period 5 and 6 –  did yoga.. lol i’m still feeling it now.. my shoulders kill.. we did this arm strengthener thing
where our hands and arms (straight) go over our heads like 100 times.. i kept up to 70 and then i almost died
and did the rest slowly.. but yeh everyone’s feeling it
Lunch – had our sasauge sizzle thing.. it was pretty good… and a popper and yeh
Period 7 and 8 –  did Beating the Crap out of the HSC… it was cool. There was an edited rocky DVD too and i got a highlighter and another apple and another
"Year 12 2008 are the best" sign.. i put this one on my back =]
After school – took photos for a while lol and then walked to Parra…. went to woolies.. and i dropped my first sign..
which i put on the front on level four.. lol found it later…but there were footprints all over it.. so i took a few photos
before i threw it away… still have the other sign thought =D
and my throat was getting better on that tuesday.. but then i drank apple juice and now i’m coughing.. so it sucks =(
oo and had PIP day on friday… it was good
gotta do my PIP oral for monday and hand it in.
i also have an english day thing for the HSC on monday .. hopefully that’s good too
okies the cough it annoying me .. i think i’m goin to go to sleep
goodnight all
and sleep tight

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