and now it’s time to blog once again…*drum roll* *flop* =P
yes as you can tell it wasn’t really all that exciting this easter..
but it was good enough for me.. no daring feats of sky diving.. but i soooo wanna try that one day ^^
no scuba diving.. ehhh maybe i’ll try that… and not eating of live insects.. hahah well see about this one.. must taste yummy
but all in all i had a good easter
the thursday night.. i ate the bottom half of my bunny.. lol cuz i start celebrations early and ate the top half last saturday
and watched a movie and played solitare showdown with katie for most of the night.. lol slept late
friday.. woke late… watched anime.. ate half of my MAXI KINDER SURPRISE.. built my gigantic surprise toy thing.. it was a snail slide thing.. sits on top of my computer now =] and played solitare showdown with katie .. slept late once again
woke late on saturday… got ready to go to James’ place for easter dinner/card playing. haha decided since i wasn’t goin to go out this easter anyway.. i just wear a whole range of colours ..
black top.. with white love heartssss
blue ankle boots….love them =] .. haha i’ve been waiting for a chance to wear them since i got them which was ages ago
white stockings… it looked very different lol.. made me look more tan
red short shorts.. i like the cloth belt thing tie.. cuz it’s darkly colourful lol.. and the red’s really nice and the buttons too
wooden necklaces… a childhood memento.. and it’s pretty funky too.. definitely still in style and unique
dark purple maroon jacket… mambo jacket.. i like to touch it hehehhehe
yellow bra… it’s frilly lol
pale pink undies.. it has frilly bits.. and it’s my bad alice pair lol
lol of course my mum disapproved of it (after approving of it before) when we left.. so i was like no.. if u didn’t like it you should’ve told me earlier and i would’ve changed.. so now it’s too late… *sigh*
and i was TALL hhaha.. only when i had my boots on though
but yes that night heheh .. ate quite a bit..
two servings of pasta, four chicken capsicum kebabs, the yummy chicken things in sauce a lot of that, mushrooms, the stuff i call hair lol it’s yummy but i don’t know what it’s called in english, half an easter bunny, most of the fairy floss and the cookies and cream cake david made.. lol i was stuffed.. haha and i realised how much sugar i was eating for the sake of easter HAHA.. yes that’s my excuse
i didn’t get home till like 3… but i didn’t mind since that had been my bedtime for the last few days
woke up earlish on sunday cuz i had to practise piano.. after piano lesson.. came back.. ate sour lolly tube stuff.. lol by now my tongue was kinda hurting from all the junk and sugar and crap i had been eating.. lol and the sour stuff didn’t help.. lol but i still ate it XD.. i watched anime and played games with katie lol
monday.. the last day of long weekend.. surprisingly i hardly ate any junk.. in fact i ate fruit.. haha and i feel bad after demanding that john should eat chocolate cuz it’s easter and tellin him that i would definitely eat it on monday.. tsk i’m a hypocrite.. but i did eat another sour thing to make up for it.. killed my tongue again lol but it was worth it.. spent most of monday night burning out my photos so i wouldn’t lose them to some major accident like … me goin psycho and ripping apart my computer… you never know it could be a freak accident XP
SIGH had morning class today… but SURPRISINGLY i woke up on time lol and i wasn’t late and and and i was awake during maths too lol…
all that sleep during the long weekend was definitely a major factor in today’s amazing outcomes.. though i’m still pretty sure i failed that application of geometric something to calculus.. cuz all i could think of was my english ext 1 assessment worth 40% like OMG.. but oh wells.. everyone’s saying they did bad cuz the test wasn’t just on applica…. blah of calculus.. so oh wells…
first week
second week
and then i’m scot free for holidays… two weeks of something educational?
though we definitely HAVE TO TAKE sticker photos.. cuz our groups ones are really OUTDATED… sigh.. hopefully we can get everyone together
fingers crossed
okies.. gotta finish legal and copying out society

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