Earth HOUR

lol i know what i forgot to blog about in my last blog
hahah it slipped my mind
anyways well for earth we went to the sydney observatory it was cool
thought not that many people turned off their light.. i saw saturn and some stars =]
there was like me, holly, david, phillip, joanna, joanne and enyi oo and my mum too
lol phillip’s first time on a train long distance by himself too… aren’t you proud of him lol
we spent like 4ish hours there
and afterwards cuz it was to late
phillip, david and joanna just slept over at our place
had to take down my mattresses and drag them outside to the lounge room so they could sleep there
my bed was normal for the night.. it felt so weird and low =(
lol i like it high =]
the boys didn’t sleep much lol in fact they said they didn’t sleep at all
but yehs the morning after david and joanne had tutor and phillip stayed at our place to play on the computer
cuz it was lachlan’s birthday and we would’ve had to meet up later anyways
we went to watch drillbit tailor… the portrayal of bullying in american high schools were brutal.. but it was a surprising movie
and pretty good .. i was expecting a stereotypical film but it wasn’t completely that
then afterwards we walked to david place and stayed there till like 10 or 11 …
which is pretty early lol
then had school on monday and exams for the next two weeks
so yehs i pretty much spent the weekend with the kids
hahah just can’t get rid of them
two weekends in a row XD
nothing furthur to blog about.. that is all
oo and i’m goin to walk to lake parramatta reserve tomorrow..
lol my dad told my mum that we were goin to walk to hornsby and she was like
"i thought she was crazy walking by herself.. now i know there’s two crazy people" LOL
so yehs she told me to walk to other places and start off with a smaller distance before i go and walk to hornsby
so we’ll see what happens.. lol there’s always next holidays right?

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