end of exams celebration

HEHE i realised i forgot to blog about a funny thing from yesterday
lol it’s all coming back to me
well u know since wednesday was my last exam and the same for marcia.. we (me, marcia and chi) went to celebrate with food
though chi still had her ITM and extension 2 maths exam.. there’s nothing wrong with an early celebration lol
lol so yehs we went and bought food from woolies..
medium tomato salsa dip, cheese corn chips and sparking grape drink that looked like wine
h/eheh and then we went to level 3 maccas and bought 6 soft serve cones.. lol the first one we ate normally and the 2nd one we raced with
marcia came first, chi second and me last lol it was fun.. haha cuz last time i came last too XD
lol anyways there was this really funny part where i was eating the ice cream and drinking the ‘wine’ at the same time
and i was like ooo if fizzes
so i told marcia to try
LOL she take like this big dolp of ice cream and glugs the ‘wine’ down HAHAH… it fizzed up completely LOL
haha she told us later it went everywhere and she realised she had too much when it was too late
lol poor her.. but it was funny
oo and we drank some of marcia’s rose tea and had seaweed too
lol the table was a mess.. you’ll see in the pictures
but we did clean up after ourselves so it’s all good
lol oo and look at my ice cream picture.. it’s a very interesting shape >=]
lol goodbye again

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