Marcia’s Cat.. Mimi

my fun and excitement continued this week on wednesday
tuesday i had i was practising all day.. well part of the day where i was awake hahah
but on wednesday.. i got up early to ‘deal’ with amy
lol and then i went to marcia’s place to finally see her CAT…
aww and he was CUTE
hehehehe and chubby
we played with Mimi
watched Bruce Almightly
talked to each other… information classified =P
and then played cards and uno
it was a fun day
and it may seem by blog is short and therefore i didn’t do much.. and that’s semi true since i was only therefore a few hours
but in those few hours it was good…
and it write it all out would mean that the importance of it would be lost
and thursday and friday.. i slept all day
Holly got her ears pierced today
and then we went to david’s place afterwards
tis’ was a fun day
Sigh school on tuesday.. damn.. work HAHA.. crap
oh wells lol
Goodnight all
Helen β™₯

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