okies it’s been a while.. YAY finshed my last assessment ^^ so happy
now just have to prepare for trial and all my assessments in week 2 ><"
oo and we had school concert lol it was heaps fun.. year 12 item rocked lol..
there are photos in the album.. i’m the tiger.. lol and a warrior on one of the nights
doesn’t my hair rock? XD.. so much hair spray.. it almost looks fake XD
and i uploaded the year 12 muck up photo..
though if you want it.. email me and i’ll send it to you in full resolution
cuz live space compresses it so the quality is pretty crap
so don’t steal that one get me to email you the good one..
LOL no actually i can’t email it.. well i can but not to the best quality cuz the full size is 20MB XD
so get me to send it to you on msn okies?
oo or maybe i’ll actually upload it onto a site.. yeh i think i’ll do that instead..
but i’ll scan the other years photos.. damn and i just put away my scanner too..
oh wells better do it now.. i’ll post the link when i’m done
see you guys in a bit

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