just ugh

hmm i think i shall shy away from msn tomorrow… probably leave it on but mehs…
yeh if you see my FuN FaCT ignore it.. i’m just really not with it right now..
let’s just blame my periods and something about hormones and leave it at that..
i don’t want to talk about it and i’m really not in the mood to
but not one to let myself wallow in self-pity or whatever the hell kind of mood i’m in, i ate,
wanna hear what? too bad you’re goin to hear it anyway
  • water (yes i know you can’t eat this)
  • juice(nor this)
  • dumplings
  • the chocolate from a honeycomb choco topping bottle, the ones that go hard
    when you put it on ice cream, had to scrape it out with chopsticks
  • chicken nuggets with some weird seasoning and sweet and sour sauce
  • warmed strawberry jam with milk (you can kind of eat this, well the strawberry bits)

yep, i’m feeling kind of sick from that but oh wells, i think i wanted to,
also annoyed myself because i told preet that i’d go to sleep at 2am.. yeh it’s now 4.41am
couldn’t find the DAMN FREAKEN MECHANICAL PENCILS.. breathe… trying to refrain from swearing on my blog
don’t worry i blocked all kids while i have FuN FaCT #238 up so no little kids will accidently see it..
unless i know for a fact that they already swear

SOOOoooo if i don’t reply to you on msn it means i’m ignoring you and being a bitch.
so if you start acting annoyed it’s not my fault you don’t read my blog and don’t realise i’m ignoring you,
so too bad, tell someone who cares, cause i’m really not in the mood to, maybe if you quote my blog i may answer you
but otherwise, *thinking of a swear word, ok fine more than one, a whole string of swears that shouldn’t be typed* <– yep that

ok i’m off to finish my strawberry jam milk.. it actually tastes quite nice.. you should try it

p.s. i did warn you all, so if i start telling you off… mehs

p.p.s let’s hope i’m in a better mood after i sleep


One Comment to “just ugh”

  1. Not to mention that the day before you had really really bad seafood.. 😉


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