FuN FaCT #1 to FuN FaCT #10

Now I did say that I was going to blog all my FuN FaCTS all over again and separately, I’ve also thought to write an expaination underneath each one so you know my frame of mind or whatever at that time, plus it can get very confusing.
SO be pre-warned there may be ‘adult content’ in the explaination XD.. what started in year 10 2006 with FuN FaCT #1… lol and I can’t remember why I started it.. is continuing on till year 12 2008 and beyond, currently with FuN FaCT #244..
FuN FaCT #10 : WaT`S RiGHT is NoT aLWaYS FaiR…WaT`S FaiR is NoT aLWaYS RiGHT…
I think something was happening in my group at this time, I can’t recall it though, or I was mad/depressed about something and having one of those, this is how the world really is kinda moments.

FuN FaCT #9 :

 I have absolutely no idea what this FuN FaCT was, I wish I did though


FuN FaCT #8 : [iN ReLaTioN To eYeS]
back in like ancient RoMe or GReeCe…can’t remember which…i noe i should check but oh well…they would punish some people by cutting off their eye lids and leave them in a cell…eventually they’d die of lack of sleep…cuz they couldn’t close they eyes… year four teacher told me dat….

 HEHE my year four teacher Mr. Matthews told us that, don’t know if it’s true but I’m currently too lazy to check, I’ll write a P.S. later, but yes he told us that cause in year 4 a lot of people were flipping our eyelids up and he told us to stop it cause it was bad for us and would damage our eyelids and then he told us that story up there, don’t know if it was true but they did stop for a while and eventually everyone grew out of it


FuN FaCT #7 : SeaGuLLS R eViL…eVeN MoRe eViL DeN Me…

 This was around the time I was telling everyone y seagulls story, which happened to me when I was younger. It went something like this.

When I was 7 or so, I think my mum was pregnant with Holly or just before that, I can’t remember, but that’s irrelevant, we were at Manly Beach and we bought fish fingers and was eating it down at the beach. Well my mum was like you can have the last one and I was beaming and happy cause the fish fingers WERE REALLY NICE and so I held up the fish finger in a victory wave kinda thing and this seagull flew by and grabbed it from my fingers… it’s feet scratched my hand, but luckily it didn’t break skin.

This also brings back another memory when I was about 3ish, I can’t remember the exact age but I was able to walk, anyways I LOVED Peanut Butter and Butter sandwich (okies it was really Meadowlea Spread, but I called it butter) anyway, I was being nice and I was sharing my food with the seagulls and giving them bits and pieces, by the way this was at Darling Harbour and I was with my dad, so after a while I didn’t want to share anymore cause I did want to eat MY sandwich, so I turn around and start walking away from them to start eating it… and the SEAGULLS STARTED FOLLOWING ME!!!!!!

SO me being three and scared especially since a flock of seagulls was following me even when I started running, which isn’t very fast, I started crying and my dad picked me up and he was like mock jogging and I was crying cause the seagulls was still following us and my dad was laughing…

lol so yeh seagulls are not nice to me at all, they bullied me when I was nice to them XP


FuN FaCT #6 : OMG…THeRe`S a HaPPi TRee FRieNDS ShoWBaG… …i`M GoNNa GeT iT aND u SHouLD Too!!

 THE HAPPY TREE FRIENDS showbag, yes I did get it, and yes it was cool. I got a bag, badges (I LOVE THE BADGES), toothy as a soft toy, a cup thingy, I can’t remember if I got stickers and yeh that’s all I can remember. Mind you this was like three years ago.


FuN FaCT #5 : THe ToiLeT SeaT iS CLeaNeR THaN THe FLooR

Just a fact that I read online, this is due to the toilet being wiped by bums and such and the keyboard getting weird food crumbs and you never know where those fingers have been not really XD.. but it’s the home toilet seat, not the public ones, those ones are scary.


FuN FaCT #4 : CHaRLie CHaPLiN iS THe BeST… 

 hehe I was going through a charlie chaplin phase again cuz I bought volume one of the DVD.


FuN FaCT #3 :

 or even three, lol not the best start.


FuN FaCT #2 :

 can’t remember FuN FaCT Number 2 either ><!


FuN FaCT #1 :

 yeh i can’t remember FuN FaCT Number 1, really sucks.  


And there my friends is the first 10 FuN FaCTS…  I really wish I could remember what the first FuN FaCT was.. but my FuN FaCTS began when msn messenger added in personal message and I wanted to do something different than write random things, so i started this organised random thing lol oxymoron.. now only 234 more to write about XD
See you very soon

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