second week of the last three weeks

The Monday of this week was momentous.
"Why?" I hear you ask. Well because it was the day that I handed in 30% of my HSC,
more specifically my PIP! I handed it in exactly at 8.31am, give or take a few minutes and seconds.
It didn’t really feel like that much XD, cause I was more excited about my free movie ^^.
What a wonderful gift from Reading Cinema =].
The movie was great, it movied fast enough for my liking, action was like WHOA, and there wasn’t any of those pointless moments.
I found it more realistic than James Bond, lol okies it wasn’t really that realistic, but at least they didn’t heap the whole film full of gadgets.
Tuesday was not extremely exciting.
I left school early, came home and practise Piano.
Slept for a bit and then went to Piano lessons.
Wednesday was Marcia’s 18th birthday whoo!
We ended up cutting her cake on the porch/verandah/patio thing outside my place.. LOLΒ I don’t even know what it’s called.
Attendees included;
Clarie (who left early and didn’t have cake =(),
Chi (who left after we gave her cake =(),
Holly (who ate the extra piece of cake),
Alice (who left before we ate Pho noodles),
Evonne (who left after Pho noodles),
Peiling and Marcia (we walked them to the bus stop),
and Julie and Me (I left after mum called me and told me to come home, and Julie was waiting for her sister at the station).
On Thursday basically no one in my group turned up to school, Sarah was there, Marcia and Peiling came for a bit, Alice and Celina was sick and I think christina left early and Evonne was around school.
But it didn’t matter too much.. cause I had my PIP party at recess.. OMG FOOD WAS SO NICE!!!! lol when we bought food for the year 12s last year it was so crap, haha and I didn’t even end up going cause I forgot.
At lunch I was with Claire and we were at the UNSW Co-op scholarship talk. Didn’t really apply to me though, lol there were so many year 10s there, stole all the seats grr lol
Friday almost everyone came to school, cause apparently it was mandatory. LOL we went bra shopping haha Marcia was complaining that Alice and I were no help so I said to her, "Well what do you expect, you ask the one that doesn’t wear bras and the one that can’t fit bras to help you look for bras" XD. It was quite a fun day.. lol the first few hours whilst Marcia and I were waiting for Alice,Β we just ate food and then looked for a chocolate mould XD
lol I slept at like 4.30am that saturday morning and I was knocked out till like 10pmish HAHA
on sunday I woke up at 8am.. I was like OMG so early.. LOL I even had breakfast.. lol and something really funny happened. lol but I won’t repeat it XD. I talked to Seamus YAY.. lol I felt like I hadn’t talked to him in ages and then later I also talked to James XD he looked older.
lol oo funny thing about being able to eat breakfast, was that I forgot to eat Lunch XD!!!
Didn’t really do any studying and went to sleep kinda late I think

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