it has begun

I cleaned my room, yet again… lol yay for me
OKKKK.. well it wasn’t really cleaning it, but more of a shift of objects, so it makes my room look spacier.
At least some parts of it, some of it in a cluttered kinda way lol
BUT my main reason for having this wonderful clean up, is cause I wanna have space to put a turntable!!
HAHA well that’s IF my dad can find it and get it out…. AHHH I wanna use it !!!
and I found saw this Michael Jackson Vinyl Record, $35
OO and some Elvis Presley Records, around that price as well…
and the covers and pretty
lol and I managed to convince my Dad to pay for the Michael Jackson one XD…
anyone wanna buy more for me? =]

OO we went to Imax today for a Free Screening of Wild Ocean 3D
sigh I didn’t get the Greater Union tickets… damn conspiracy lol
aww I’m hungry now.. should I eat or sleep?
I think I’ll sleep…
I have morning class tomorrow ><
I was going to blog more, but I’m lazy and we’ll blame the time for it -.^

Night Night

p.s. Oh yeh I remembered now why I wanted to blog… I really want to stop now, just stop, no more, it’s been long enough and I’ve really just become annoyed with it. So this is me saying… I need a new hobby lol and I’ve just come to the realisation that you can’t predict… let me rephrase that.. cause that line just makes me sound ignorant and naive. I have been spending, no wait, wasting too much time on what will not come till it comes.
XD I make no sense, trying to be subtle and remind the ‘future’ Helen of what ‘Past’ Helen (which is really ‘Present’ Helen) what I was talking trying to talk about.. I’m taking extra precaution, in case I get really thick lol..
any how, ’tis all good
and my p.s. shall stop as of …. NOW


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