YAY I got out the turntable ^^
and we played some music and it was cool!
Going to get Michael Jackson hehehehe
and then we’ll try it outside to hear the REAL sound …
oo I’m so excited
I’m going vinyl record shopping tomorrow =]
lol guess what I’m doing in English tomorrow.. colouring in XD.. can’t wait
oo and Holly went on her first camp today .. yay for her..
lol I wonder if she’ll survive.. she better not lose anything
lol I had a good talk with my parents tonight
tehehehe… Yes green beans are better than peanuts.. so everyone must choose green beans
Now I just wish I had a good sound system for my turntable.. and OMG they’re expensive (turntables) lol
so I better not break this one… I don’t wanna have to pay for the repairs ><
Oh well that is all.. YAY for visual reps.. I feel like drawing

One Comment to “turntable”

  1. hellooooooo
    eehhee thnxx 4 the commentzzz
    Β i didnt c u at school today!!!! where were u???????? nd then we had stupid options in the morning so i didnt tlk to u…. hm u must b sad lol….
    ooooo im so forgetfull u came all the way to drop me off to chem.. meaning i did c/tlk 2 u… muwahahahha okiz ignore this comment… but im going to post it up anyway, just so u cn feel special and luved.. lol……. okiz bye cya at school…
    nd guess wot i hv done nothing for this whole week… so baddddd…… 😦


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