The Illusionist (2007) – Neil Burger
An amazing film. Ahh I was completely surprised by the ending,
maybe because I watched it without any expectations.
Last movie that was awesome that I watched was District 9,
but this was a different kind of awesome and I’m so glad I picked it up.
The excution of the story was amazing and I throughly enjoyed it.
This is the first movie where I’m actually watching the commentary whilst the movie is playing.
So it proves it really got to me.
A must watch movie that makes you question the reality of life and the appreciation in the simplist of illusions.
I know sometimes I always tried to determine the trick behind it all,
and this time I didn’t, I went along with the story and it was a wonderful experience.
Definitely watching the movie again to pick up the clues, not in attempt to to ruin the magic of it mind you,
but to see how much I listened and paid attention to the commentary.
to be continued…
SOOO ALL IN ALL A GOOD MOVIE…. I can’t remember my train of thought at the time…so it’d just sound disjointed if I attempted to finish this hahah.. and I’m lazy

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