Out of the mould

And cue… break ^^.
Yes ladies and gentleman, I have now reached the awaited break and time of great activites.
I’m going to be a busy little bee this week trying to get everything done on time… which reminds me I have to contact Preet.
GAHHH I really hope I can finish my part on time.

Had an AWESOME DAY today… and saw a whole bunch of dearly missed people.
– ReThreads with Rachel and Ed,
– Holly’s saxaphone performance and saw Raymond,
– Dinner, Swan Lake and dessert with Amy and Melda
– and last but not least Net Cafe with Ben =].
So it was an awesomely full and tiring day lol, plus I just put my clothes away.. so yay for me XD.

Friday was filled with jobs, which I completed at a pathetic pace, and Thursday was pretty awesome too =], the Pizza Hut crew eating out again.

I have noticed something… everytime I try to be good and attempt to pull myself out of that world, it only lasts for a while.
It’s like trouble (good trouble ;)) comes to find me, just to prove to me it’s part of me.
HAHA maybe it is, seeing as I can’t escape it.
It’s the domino effect. I’ve had at least four visits from the past and then several new little additions, plus a whole lot of confusion.
So what to do?… what to do?
It would be oh so very easy to fall back into old habits with a new twist, but would it be more of a challenge to resist the temptation?
Hmmmm… we do only live once… and it’s not very often this happens, AND I have been good for a long while now.
But there’s usually less, and I don’t know if would be able to keep up… is that where-in lays the challenge?
lol I really need someone I can confide in lol… an old friend or new?

Helen ♥


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