What did little ‘ole Helen do today,
She blogged, met up with Preet and listened to records whilst cleaning her room, which is now impeccable, ok not really that clean XP,
but still pretty clean since I vacuumed, cleaned the mirrors and put stuff away ^^.
And so as I was wiping away at my mirrors with chinese newpapers,
since the ink comes off more easily, thus making it a better mirror cleaner,
I thought to myself, it was just like looking into a mirror,
no I’m not an idiot, I’m referring to something else, but yes I was literally looking into a mirror too.
Just the manner of things, you’ve already guessed an answer,
so asking me achieves nothing, except the confirmation that you’re right,
it’s not entirely curiousity.
Oh how I use to love doing that lol, and now it’s being done to me,
except in my case I always got my answer, and you still haven’t gotten mine.
Am I gloating?… yep =D
Lol I was hating it before I realised it was exactly what I use to do,
so now all I feel is challenged.
Again so close to giving you an answer,
but you didn’t push hard enough, and I’m still confused about other things unrelated.
So am I lying to myself now?
Avoiding it?
Or just hiding?

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