The Weekend =]

Here I am blogging on word…Monday, 28th September 2009, 12:08pm.
I would’ve been on the internet if my peak time wasn’t so near to the capping limit, or something along those lines. So this post won’t be up until 12am.
Last few days have been hectic, lol, managed to pump out enough cards for the picnic, do a little bit of food organising and had some trouble with the bus tickets, but we managed to get everything sorted out =], so it was all good. HAHA until the day, lol we missed the first bus, which resulted in a 30 minute or so wait for the next one and then we filled up the bus, we had 36 people =]. But other than those few minor troubles it was all good, I think a majority of people enjoyed the day, or at least they pretended too XD, but you really can’t ask for anymore when you’re organising stuff. I just really wished I had more of a chance to talk to people and catch up, but that only means we’ll have to do something again, soon…ish and maybe on not such a grand scale.
I’m still in pain from the day, my right arm hurts and my leg too, my voice was a little horse that night and I almost lost it, but I found it again so it’s all good. HAHA I wonder if I’ll just be remembered as the little asian girl screaming at everyone.
Most people seemed to click really well, so I’m really happy with that, that means next time things won’t get so awkward or all over the place. Was I really looking that stressed that day?
On a different note, watched An Education with Chi, Melda and her sister yesterday. It was really good, I can see how it won the cinematography award and people’s choice award at the Sundance Film Festival. Have some horrid looking photos of me and good ones of Melda, so I shall upload them soon.
Meeting Preet now, actually I need to be out the door.
Happy and sore,

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