The beginning of the long weekend

Whooo Hoooo… Friday was pretty awesome, lol I wasn’t that crazy but let’s go through the day.. really fast;
Met up with Rizwana first for lunch and then Brandon called me to tell me he agreed with my terms mwahahh ^^ and told me to hug EVERYONE…
which I kinda did, lol I hugged everyone I would hug and was familiar with.
Then Tharun, Yasaswi, Preetham and Preet came.
So lunch was spent eating KFC, since we had coupons, we bumped into Jane and Feng.
As we were leaving Naman and Charlie came, so a quick hi and bye and off we went to drop Preet off.

Lol Adem finally came and we hung out for a while and went to Yasaswi’s work Oktoberfest.
I managed to guilt trip James and Joseph into not cancelling Friday night… I LOVE YOU GUYS.
LOL we almost were caught, which caused us to be late, a quick little stop over had to be made, and we were on our way again =].
Started off in the Pavillion, then went off to China town, watched James play the drum game and then back to the Pavillion again.

It was pretty awesome, lol my knees and feet hurt from all the dancing XD.
Am I an alcoholic for downing my drinks? XD everyone was like wahhh what are you doing Helen =.=”.
One of the many highlights of the night, YASASWI’S NINE guys, followed closely by EMILIE’S TWO OR THREE GUYS… nice guys nice ^^.
Unfortunately James left early, and Joseph slightly later than James,
so they missed out on the trains these girls were pulling, but I’m sure there’ll be a next time XD.
Bumped into Daniel too cause Emilie knew Miki and then we rode the train with Kevin.

Saturday night was pretty awesome too, I’m sorry I missed your birthday Ben ><“.
Drove to Hornsby with family, in the rain, so I’m pretty awesome, still alive =]P.
Had dinner and then went to James’ place.
Lol I surprised Phillip and David by joking around with them like how I usually do with my friends,
I had decided they were old enough.

Talked to Nathan online too, lol he was ‘tipsy’ or so he says, lol I WANT TO SEE him when he’s drunk XD.
But hopefully I won’t be a target when I do. Stupid Nathan =.=”.

YAY MICHAEL’S TONIGHT ^^ and then Uni on tuesday lol, I have a databases exam I haven’t studied for yet ><“,
and then lunch with Preet, Yasaswi, Brandon and maybe Nathan ^^.


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