Work it… out

Ok I’ve got it all worked out thanks to Billy =].
SHIT… just calculated my scores again for Networking..
I think I just got a Distinction.. … instead of a Credit… JUST
That’s what the scores on Cisco is suggesting too, XD it says 75.1 LOL.. I hope I’m not jumping the gun ><".
If that’s true.. then I need to at least get two credits…in BRM and DB cause we all know I can’t get a credit in Programming ><"
and a pass…in programming to just keep my credit average…
or if I fail programming, I need a distinction and a credit in BRM and Databases to just keep my credit average.
I really really need to pass programming.. cause I don’t want to have to do it again ><"…
but I’ll have to HD the exam… gahhh.. how am I going to do that?!!!!!
That’s getting all the multiple choice questions right and then 3 quarters of the coding questions right.
DAMNNIT… they better make both the coding questions easy.
On another note, I enjoyed by birthday immensely…
Wendy’s Secret Garden is an awesome place, and it was heaps fun walking along the Harbour Bridge…
I’d love to ride my bike on it one day too =].
I was sad about Dippin’ Dots though =(… KPower closed early.. 4pm my ass XP~~~.
XD ate woodfired Pizza.. haha cause my first choice wasn’t possible at the time.. I wanted to go Blackheath and eat the nicest fish and chips.
Yes I’m a simple girl… with crazy ideas hehehehe.
Orthodontist appointment in less than twelve hours… I’m going for red and black =].
Then off to Billy’s with Rowena to study for DB ^^.
Uni on Tuesday to study DB with Joseph and who ever else turns up…
DB exam on Wednesday
BRM exam on Saturday
and Apps Prog exam the following Wednesday…
and then… FREEDOM ^^.
Helen ♥
P.S. Yes there’s alot of "just"’s, lol I’m not in a very stable position right now; let’s hope this changes for the better, next semester XD.

2 Comments to “Work it… out”

  1. lol, you will get the marks…so don\’t worry


  2. lol….. I hope you\’re right Yang I really do.. cause at the rate I\’m going with my study… I\’d be lucky to get a pass XD


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