Happy new year kiddos =D.
I’ve been getting extremely lazy, but that’s nothing new hehe. I must eventually upload photos here… currently uploading photos on facebook takes precedence seeing as the world sees it there, where as here only a select few know that these albums are complete without the deletion of "unwanted" photos. Tehe.
So short dot points again,
The rest of December;
– Went Yum Cha with Wendy’s relatives =]
– Wendy’s for dinner
– Forrester’s Beach Resort for Christmas, it was pretty awesome ^^. Hehe the kids had fun and so did the adults. XD My dad played DDR.
– Boxing day shopping, that was insane… lines everywhere XD.
– Watched Sherlock Holmes, which was pretty awesome.
– Dad went for his motorcycle license, and got it ^^.
– Ed’s for New Year’s Eve for a fun filled day of board games. ‘Twas pretty AWESOME =D.
Haven’t done all that much so far; just went to Rowena’s, Amy’s Birthday Lunch; Dad got a motorcycle, Yamaha Virago ^^; Yum Cha with the "u-crew" XD; and attempted to bush hike to ruined castle again, which ended up in a failure, but we got halfway this time, YAY!
The drama department is insane right now… I can only hope this period will pass with minimal casualties.
Lol great start to a new year, I hope this isn’t a reflection of the coming year, otherwise I’m screwed =.=".
Helen ♥

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