Something to remember

I was going to blog a few nights ago cause something was bothering me, but I’ve completely forgotten what it was.
So let’s get inspired by something else?

Well I wrote up one page of notes…
which isn’t all that much, seeing as most of it’s spaced out XD.
At least it’s understandable?
I’ve really got to get my act together with these notes if I’m going keep a balanced social life and education.
I’m already starting to slip, seeing as I’ve put this note writing off for two weeks =.=”.

Bits of what I wanted to blog about is coming back to me,
let’s hope that I can remember eventually.
OH WAIT… I just did.

A conversation with a friend about having good memories of his house, has brought back my memories of when we first moved it.
It was quite fun really, cause we pulled up all the carpet, as I would frequently get hay fever back in my primary school days and timber flooring is much “warmer” (compared to tiles) and easier to keep clean (compared to carpet).

Alot of our family friends helped with the cutting, laying, sanding and varnishing of our timber, and the crates that they were brought in in, was used by my dad to fashion a nice table bearing my name and my sister’s name =D.

Actually the top of my dad’s finger was sliced off when he was cutting some of the flooring,
part of the classic combination of blood, sweat and loveeeee yay =D (that didn’t entirely make sense hehe).

I also remember painting the house.
I painted a patch on my wall, I wonder if you can tell =]P.
I remember sitting on top of the ladder reading one of Ernest Shackleton’s book based on his expedition to Antarctica,
after much googling, I believe this novel was called South, but I can’t be sure.
A home holds great memories =D.
I hope things work out, and there’ll be many more memories for him =].

I must put up a to do list for this year XD.
Let’s see how many things I complete this time.
Seeing as my to do list, was a complete success last year =.=”,
a lots of things will be changing around for this years one.

I’ve been doing a bit of computer housekeeping.
In fact I’m quite proud of myself XD.
I’ve finally modified that start page that Brad gave to me, thank you =], so it’s Helen-friendly;
I’ve made my Firefox pretty and fixed up all my add-ons;
I’ve been organising all my folders so they look pretty;
and I’m doing other things along the way, which I can’t be bothered to name as of this moment.

Also want to go to Tilba, it’s down the coast ^^.

Till next time,
Helen β™₯


One Comment to “Something to remember”

  1. lol, entertaining =P


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