A while later

This last month has been difficult and I know I’ve been avoiding most,
ok pretty much all social interactions and a few people have been worried about me.
Rest assured, I’m fine.
But I think it would be better for me, if no one were to ask me about it.
I’m not running away from anything, I have people I can talk to about it,
and please don’t take it as an indication of how close I am to you if I do or don’t talk to you about it. I just don’t feel like talking to everyone about it, because it is not for me to share.
But I’m back, well sort of, I don’t think I’ll be going out much for the rest of the semester as there are soooo many assignments.

Not really that many, but a few of the assignments have several components that require presentations or demonstrations,
so that takes up quite a bit of time.
But I’ll be ready to hang out again once the semester break begins.
Nothing too big like crazy parties, I just want simple things right now.
Good clean fun.

And don’t forget Jeans for Genes day this year is on Friday 6th August.
We’re going to get a group for it again and hopefully get Parramatta again, just waiting on more information.
So we’re all expecting you to volunteer.
Those that are returning from last year,
I have your certificates so you can get them on the day.
Isn’t that a nice little incentive, you come for your certificate, volunteer for a bit and then get another awesome certificate.

See you all soon,
Helen β™₯


2 Comments to “A while later”

  1. good to hear that you are fine helen. can\’t wait to see you again, lets have more train trips together!!


  2. Thank you Yang =D.WE SHOULD. I believe it\’s Tuesdays when I see you, which train do you catch?


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