On my mind

Gah. Hormones. Exams. Piano.
Drama. Incompatibility. Plans.
Friends. Failure ><. Rest. The past.
Loneliness. Hope. Adventure.
Freedom. Beaches. Parties..
Messages. Conversations. Rawrr.
TV shows. Heat. Relapses. Food.
private LinkedList<Player> players = new LinkedList<Player>();.
Stupid tokenizer. GUIs. Dread.
Cuteness of… meow. Smiles.
Inadequacies. Problems. Dead ends.
Loops. Helplessness. Singing. Confusion.
Using. Behaviour. Fairness. Insensitivity.
Annoyance. Work. Money. Sleep.

And it’s a wonder why I’m crazy.

Obviously still asleep XD

Obviously still asleep XD

Helen ♥


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