I think I’ll always be a magnet for drama.
Whether it be my own or others’,
and you know what,
I’m just going to accept it.

Things happen that you can’t control and
there are peoples’ problems you can’t assist in.
The most you can do is ride it out, and help/pick up all the pieces when it all falls apart.

I’m happy with where I am,
and I’m fine with whatever will/won’t happen,
as long as everybody’s happy =].
It took a week of flighty/antsy behaviour for me to eventually calm myself down.
Thank you to all the people that helped,
haha if you didn’t, I probably would’ve buried myself in crazy thoughts.

Lesson learnt,
don’t overthink and freak out,
whatever happens, happens and
sometimes the best thing to do is nothing =].

Helen β™₯


4 Comments to “Magnet”

  1. But sometimes the troubling thoughts and feelings are always there and don’t go away. What to do?

    How was Nelsons Bay? You have to show me pictures Helice, indulge me.=D


  2. What crazy things should I try??

    Yep looked at the facebook pictures and the water balloon video hahaha. The water looks scary. I like the kitchen lol


    • Haha awesome, lol at the water balloon video where the guys run up to slam the balloons.

      Hmm crazy things, bush walking is pretty crazy, jumping off bridges, climbing bridges or just running around crazily XD.

      How’s your christmas been Alice?
      Did youu enjoy it?


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