Kissing Drinkers

This was actually part of the previous post but that was wayyyyyy too long, so I thought I’d break it up a bit =D.

If anyone was wondering, you CAN kiss someone if they’ve been drinking. It might register in a breathalyzer, but it’s just mouth alcohol, so you should ask for a blood test and nothing should come up.

That is unless the person you’ve been kissing is a crazy alcoholic and they’re a million times over the legal limit, which will proabably make their saliva become an alcoholic drink. That being said, if a person had THAT much alcohol in them, I don’t think they’d have much of a pulse left, just saying.

DISCLAIMER: The above is not from experience, but compiled from research (googling) I conducted after being told that you couldn’t kiss a person drinking alcohol if you were driving, when you actually can, which is the whole point of this little info session.

Helen β™₯


One Comment to “Kissing Drinkers”

  1. lah lah lah… I love you!! too cute!


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