Almost close to the hard stuff XD

WELL you all remember how I said if I studied I would do this and this and that…
Yehhh didn’t do it XD…
But I’ve almost finished up to lecture 3 of WSD… and that’s considered the easy stuff ><"".
I've also written up the first three chapters of ITOM.
And in the beginning of the semester I wrote notes on the first lecture of ITOM.
SO REALLY… I'm only one lecture off my original plan, and it only took me a week =]P.

And regarding the surprise…
I hope you don’t find it yet,
I still want to add one little thing to it,
which I don’t currently have in my possession… but soon… very soon =].

I had amazing day the other day =].
OK, back to WSD.

Happy studying,
Helen β™₯


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