Surprise one – Meow

SOOOO I did say before that I would post my surprise if it was found…
and it has been so YAYYY =D.

This was placed on his desktop, and it was SUPPOSE to be a knote (which kinda like sticky notes for linux), but it would disappear when the computer shut down, so I had to save the note on the desktop instead. This is the first of the two surprises.
So here it goes =].

Meow Desktop Icon (Nyan Cat)

Meow Desktop Icon (Nyan Cat)


=O I’m in your account,
oh noessssss =]P.
What mischief could I get up to?
Do you trust me?

Maybe I did something to your facebook? or hotmail? or gmail?

OR MAYBE… I left you a message some where. It could possibly be my last will and testament. But I doubt you’re that lucky. I have nothing to give to you… except my heart… would you like that?

If you want it, you’ll have to take care of it, ok? I need it to survive. It can be quite vulnerable, even though it doesn’t seem like it could be.
So I’m trusting you with it.

You have to look after it, keep it warm and make sure it stays healthy and happy.
But being in your possession should be enough to grant all its wishes.
It’ s a lot of responsibility, so only take it if you think you’re up to the job.

Missing you,
Helen ♥

To more surprises,
Helen ♥


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