Christmas 1993

I just happened to find this video in my fileden account when I was looking for another video to post, I’ll post that video at a later date.
For now there’s this one to enjoy, a simple translation is provided underneath =]P.

Wendy’s Mum: Sucking on your thumb? Are you going to eat your toes too?
Helen: *Shakes head*
Wendy’s Mum: You’re not?
Helen: *Sucks on toes*
Wendy’s Mum: Whaaaa, you’ve gone crazy. What did you spit out?
Mum: See see, now there’s hair, your whole mouth is full of hair
Helen: Spat it out again
Helen: Can you move away please … I’m not too sure who I’m saying that too
*Wendy and I chatter*
Sindy: Today is christmas. Yesterday we had heaps of fun, there were draws, and presents
Wendy: Presents
Sindy: And balloons
Wendy: Balloons
Sindy: There was some candy
Wendy: There was some candy
Sindy: And now, I’ve…
Wendy: There was some of this
Sindy: …Put some stuff on this
Wendy: We’ve put this stuff
Wendy’s Mum: Who hung the stuff up?
Wendy: I hung it on
Sindy: I hung it all on
Wendy: Hung it up
Sindy: We went to the shop and bought this
Wendy: Bought some stuff like this
Sindy: Someone gave us these presents. Helen don’t keep squeezing that, don’t squeeze it.
Dad: Helen don’t squeeze that
Sindy: These are the presents people gave us
Wendy: All these presnts were given to us
Helen: This is a house
Wendy: A house

Made me cry,
Helen β™₯


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