Heavy Heart

Why do they only,
visit me at night?
In bed, I’m alone,
They shake my resolve.

Inside me, they sit,
Gnawing and sowing.
Tiny seeds of doubt,
They nuture and feed.

I wish you were here,
But that cannot be.
Instead I force sleep,
Heavy is my heart.

Helen β€’Γ˜_Γ—β€’

All this writing’s finally making me sleepy, and less you know…
It helped, it really did =D.
It’s funny though,
I don’t think I’ve ever written any happy “poetry”,
is that a bad thing?


6 Comments to “Heavy Heart”

  1. Yes.
    Write something fun next time.
    When is your break?



    Sorry forgot!!!

    Too busy

    I will make it up to you, PROMISE!


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