Gahhh so frustrated.
These past few days have been annoying.
It’s just been a collection of diasppointments, frustration and time wasting.
It’s people. It’s the bank. It’s me. It’s mainly me.
Damnnit, why am I so de-motivated, so unfocused, so indecisive, always late, such a damn disappointment.

I’m sorry, just pissed off at myself.

I haven’t posted a picture in a while, here’s one, if only these ATM reciepts were cash an not an indication of how much I’ve spent over the past 3 or so years =.=””””.

If Only

If Only

Helen β™₯


2 Comments to “Gahbltrfisoal”

  1. Awww dw, I’m sure you’ll get through it. Things always have a way of working itself out!! In the meantime, have a free pieface??? –


    • Haha thanks Grace =D, waiting for that light on the end of the tunnel, which is hopefully when I get that pie, still waiting for it to load though XD.
      I managed to cap myself on weekend, one more week till it resets.
      YAY slow internet =.=”.


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