Getting Old

Ohhh man bad choice today. Wore an old favourite skirt in a hurry because no other skirts fit me anymore. Wayyyyyyy too short for me, I feel like I’m upskirting everyone as I walk T.T.


On a happier note I’m getting the Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH52! It just shipped!

On a sadder note, late for Brandon’s soccer game due to my skirt debacle =/.

Had a good dinner last night at Felix’s though. We got the Roast pasture fed rib-eye, triple cooked pomme pont neuf,Β  Bordelaise sauceΒ  and sautΓ©ed mushrooms and the Pomme puree for a side . We mainly went for the hot chips which was highly recommended by Hot Chips Blog.


The chips were amazingly fried, only needed a little extra salt if you weren’t having it with the sauce. The pomme puree was fantastic, it was my favourite dish! The rib-eye was cooked perfectly, and there were a lot of cuts, though it was ruined by the fat running through some of the cuts which made it chewy and hard to cut. I usually don’t mind fat too much (that’ll will probably kill me one day), but the knives weren’t sharp enough to cut through it. I would’ve loved to try the dessert, but we were walk-ins, so we had to finish by 7.
Also got the Almond and Pineapple mocktail (I think?) that tasted like it should have alcohol, but it didn’t =O. It was pretty nice.

It was Joseph’s Birthday as well, so we met up with him and friends and went to Star Bar. It was the first time I’d been since the renovation and it looked pretty swanky. The design of the bar made me feel like it needed sunlight to really tie it together haha. So drink pic the night, and the only drink of the night for Brandon and I, the fishbowl! Tasted great!


Oh and had our last official ES grad activity before we have our “graduation”. Half of us volunteered for OzHarvest, cooking for a cause. It was great fun! And I must say we are all amazing cooks ;D. The walk by myself there was a little ominous but interesting =P.



Almost forgot went to Supernova last weekend with Ranjini, heaps of fun!


And just oiled my Shwoods with walnut oil! Sexy!


That’s it for the week! Training all week next week yay!!!!

Helen β™₯


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