Almost half way through Autumn

It’s currently 25°C in Sydney and it feels like summer, the historical maximum average for today is 22°C with a minimum average of 13°C. On the day we’re getting married in Bathurst, the historical maximum average is 19°C and the minimum average is 9°C, it’s also 29.3°C in Bathurst today. I’m excited regardless of the weather! Actually as long as it’s not windy, any other weather I can deal with; rain, hail and shine.

By the way, I’m getting married this year, haha I don’t think I ever blogged about it; Brandon proposed last year and we’re getting married this year!

We’re mostly likely spending more money than we need to, but we really want everyone to have fun and to have a weekend of wonderful memories.

Before Brandon proposed I always said to him that I didn’t need us to get married, but if he did want to get married he’d better do it soon cause it was going to interrupted our baby making plans. So he did, interrupt out baby making plans that is by propsing haha.

Originally we were planning to start a family by end of last year and now it’s been moved to end of this year. We discussed it thoroughly after our baby scare 2 years ago and decided we were going to start trying at the end of 2017. We actually tried to see if we could stay on track and get married last year August, but we crunched the numbers and decided that it wasn’t financially possible. So here’s to a 2018 wedding and a 2019 baby =).

Helen ♥


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