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Mar 7, 2015

Thank you for supporting my Ride to Conquer Cancer!!

The thank you email that summed up my insane ride as promised! This was sent on Thursday, 16 October 2014 1:21 PM to everyone that donated or asked about my ride, my whole team at work and my team of riders.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Last weekend, I did what I thought would be impossible, I cycled over 200km over 2 days with 904 other riders, from Olympic Park to Windsor (camping overnight) and then back again as part of The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. I did it on my trusty mountain bike that I got from Kmart /Target on sale for $100 more than 10 years ago (No, I haven’t really grown =)), the gears weren’t spot on when you changed it, there was a fine layer of rust, it was really really really heavy and it wasn’t at all suited for this ride which I was told after the ride. It took me about 18.5 hours but I did it, and I couldn’t have done it without your support!

Trying to lift my bike after 200km

Trying to lift my bike after 200km.

THANK YOU to all those donated and supported me, I pushed myself physically and mentally up those hills because I told everyone that I would ride 200km, and ride all of 200km I did, there were so many times where walking up the those steep hills with my bike in tow would have been the easier option but I knew that each and every one of you would have been there shouting your support and cheering if you were there, so I persisted no matter how ridiculous I looked slowly inching my way up. I couldn’t let you all down! =)

THANK YOU to my team mates Sonia and Carlo from CBA, you made this such an amazing journey! I would never have signed up for the ride and discovered my mental and physical strength if it wasn’t for you guys =). Congratulations on finishing the ride!!!

My team mates

My team mates

THANK YOU to my family and boyfriend who supported me throughout the ride, getting up at 4am to see me off, visiting me at camp and meeting me at the finish line, and an even bigger thank you to my dad who also went looking for me on his motorcycle, joining me for part of the ride to make sure I was ok!

The greatest family

The greatest family

The best boyfriend

The best boyfriend

And finally THANK YOU to the volunteers, crew, sponsors and organisers that made this impossible event amazing! There was one clear thing that I learnt from this ride, it was that cancer affects everyone from the patients to their family and friends around them but there is a cure, and we can beat it! Already treatment has improved in the last 20 years where the survival rate of common cancers has increased by 30% this wouldn’t been possible research and your support. If you would like to donate to show your support, please visit:

Some stats:

Day Day 1 Day 2
Weather Sunny 29°C Sunny 32°
My Ride Time 9 hours approx. (A few did this day in 4 hours =O) 9.5 hours approx.
Distance 99.7km 112.9km
Maps Click on map for detailed link, please do not edit.




Total Raised 3.6 Million by 905 riders

To see a few more photos from my ride you can search on my hashtag:
My official bike lifting photo

Warm Regards,
Helen Huang

So that was it, my crazy little achievement!

Till next time,
Helen ♥

Mar 5, 2015

Beginnings and Endings

I want a Surface Pro! Hopefully 4 if that ever comes out. But if that comes out and it’s worse than the 3, I’ll probably get the 3.
That being said, I don’t know if I can justify the price =/.
We shall see as the year progresses.

In other news my cousin got married last year!
Congratulations Rachel!
The photo quality of my phone isn’t the best, especially under low lighting, but these are the best photos from the day.

Rachel and Terry with his family

Rachel and Terry with his family

Family Photo

Family Photo

The start of this year has been a little crazy.
I remember New Year’s Day driving back from Brandon’s on the M4, the fireworks were going off at Sydney Speedway, and I thought to myself “that’s awesome, I forgot how magical fireworks were up close. This is going to be a great year! We should really go to the speedway with Nathan and Eve cause it’ll be fun and they live so close”

That was my goal, to make this year fantastic, awesome, amazing, great! Then a few weeks later Brandon’s Papou passed away. It was crushing, for everyone that knew him. Everyone’s thoughts went to his Yaiyai and they still do. I was a bit of a mess for the one day that I did go to work, though everyone at work was really supportive. Brandon was staying strong for the family the while time.

Papou was a great man, more than words can describe. I didn’t know him long, but for the years that I did, I’m grateful. Maybe if you ask me, I’ll tell you a bit about him =).

I was going to write a bit more. But maybe next time.

Take care,
Helen ♥

Jun 14, 2014

And I’m back!

Came back from Singapore on Tuesday but before we get into that drum roll


Fratelli Fresh - Cafe Sopra

Finally went to Fratelli Fresh/Cafe Sopra Bridge Street to eat, I’ve been wanting to go since Davy tried to get us in on a busy Friday night. They only had bar seats on this cold Tuesday night (last week), which turned out to be awesome (we got to see the desserts being made). We ordered our drinks, Brandon a coke and me with a berry mocktail they whipped up.


Berry Mocktail and Coke

Then it was on to the food, I got the Gnocchi.


Yummy Gnocchi

And Brandon the Chicken Schnitzel.


Olives (of course) and Schnitzel

In hindsight he probably should have ordered some type of pasta. The gnocchi was pretty good, it was my first haha. The schnitzel was average though, I think it would’ve tasted better it was melted cheese rather than parmesan, but each to their own.

The highlight of the night though was definitely dessert. After seeing on all these delicious desserts being made we had to get one! The one that really caught my eye had a dark toffee/chocolate like base which was then covered with fresh cream, a layer of bananas and then another layer of fresh cream and a sprinkle of chocolate flakes.

We had no idea which dessert it was, so we asked a waitress if we could get it, and discovered is was the banoffee (there was a slight fear there was coffee in it XD). We patiently waited for it while watching all the other banoffees being made for other patrons. I was super excited… and then… it arrived!


Delicious Banoffee

That first taste, oh wow! Brandon loved it and he’s not a fan of desserts so that’s really saying something.
What really made the whole meal special was being able to see the dessert chef work. We thanked him before we left =) and then off to Vivid we went!

Helen ♥

Jul 22, 2013

You ♥

I don’t want someone that can teach me the ways of the world,
I want someone that I can discover the world with,
make mistakes with
and smile with.

You’re that someone for me.

Smile in your sleep,
Helen ♥

Jul 8, 2012

Shoes =D

Some pretty cool people made me these shoes =D.


Once Upon A Time

Also whoot Games Day III in a few hours, and seeing Joseph off and Skiing/Snowboarding Trip in a few days, then our completely Romantic Winter Escape with a fireplace (yay fireplace =]), a surprise, then Movie Night, then our 18th month anniversary (which I almost forgot XD… I was a month behind) and last but not least JEANS FOR GENES DAY; phew.

Helen ♥

Dec 18, 2011

Birthday Thanks

I know it’s a few weeks late,
but I want to thank all those that helped organise and came to my surprise birthday.
You guys did a great job and it makes we really happy and grateful to have you all as friends.

Haha I got a bit teary when I read the gratitude journal present and also laughed a bit at some of the ridiculous things that were written.
But thank you all for coming =D.

Helen ♥

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