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Dec 20, 2014

Eat me

Delicious, yummy food in me.
Eat me, eat me, please oh please.
Hurrah! Down I go!

A little haiku I wrote as part of the handwritten lunch notes I made for a friend’s birthday =). The last line was the hardest.

Helen ♥

Jul 22, 2013

You ♥

I don’t want someone that can teach me the ways of the world,
I want someone that I can discover the world with,
make mistakes with
and smile with.

You’re that someone for me.

Smile in your sleep,
Helen ♥

Sep 18, 2012

At this point in time…

Maybe this is it…
This is where the lies and secrets lead you.
A disjointed place with discontentment.
Running, fleeing, fighting,
whatever you call it,
anything but what it really is.

It sounds like I’m just blaming you but it’s the fault of two parties, like most situations.
I let too much slack in, I gave up, I pushed and that was it, simple gaps, undoing of the good, hardening of the resolve.
Well it was more than that, but this isn’t a psychoanalysis of me.

I didn’t want to get involved so I didn’t, and now I’m not. I’m not involved in a lot. This is what I wanted, isn’t it? 
There’s never a balance.
Maybe I’ll stop, do exactly what I did before because I still don’t know if this isn’t the way I want it.
Maybe it’s the beer goggles?
But I was out a long time ago, and that truth I know for sure.

On a different note, GAHHHHJGDUKBGUO, my phone died when writing this =.=”, thank goodness wordpress saved most of it =D.

Promises of more ramblings.
Just need to work on that good old time management.

Should be sleeping,
Helen ♥

Jul 10, 2012


It doesn’t stop,
it’s fleeting.
But each moment passed,
is not a reminder of the end.
Only the chance to find a new adventure.

Helen ♥

Sep 22, 2011

Hearts and Stuff

So I thought that I’d take a stab at drawing a human heart, pun COMPLETELY intended 😛.
They’re pretty weird looking and I got no where near the real thing.
But here it is in its unedited glory, not even close XD.



Human Hearts
are quite
Or maybe
its just mine…


Whoops forgot an apostrophe in that “its” –> “it’s”,
told you it was unedited =]P

Helen ♥

P.S. Sticking this in poetry too, cause it’s the closest thing to drawing I have XD

Aug 22, 2011

Heavy Heart

Why do they only,
visit me at night?
In bed, I’m alone,
They shake my resolve.

Inside me, they sit,
Gnawing and sowing.
Tiny seeds of doubt,
They nuture and feed.

I wish you were here,
But that cannot be.
Instead I force sleep,
Heavy is my heart.

Helen •Ø_ו

All this writing’s finally making me sleepy, and less you know…
It helped, it really did =D.
It’s funny though,
I don’t think I’ve ever written any happy “poetry”,
is that a bad thing?

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