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January 18, 2016

Our Little (Re)Treat

The sun is slowly making my shade disappear, I can feel my half my body burning under my clothes =(, so I’m going to make this quick!

Not long till our anniversary trip =), we’ve sorted most of the itinerary and even found a place to have our anniversary dinner, yay! We’re super excited, especially since our accomodation for two nights (1 in Merimbula and the other at Batemans Bay) is only $162.50! Which is an awesome price seeing as most other accommodation would have totalled $300, more money to spend on food yay!

There’s still a few more things to tweak, but so far we’re hitting at least:
–  6 Oyster Farms
– 4 Wineries
– 3 Cheese Centres/Factories
– 1 Two Hatted Resturant
– 1 Zoo
and hopefully 1 National Park

As you can see, being able to save on accommodation will make such a difference. Can’t wait to let you know how it all goes and if we’re able to hit all those places and still have fun.

I’ll leave you with this picture of me trying to fit my keyboard in this perfectly sized bag, alas the zipper was the downfall. So I’m still on the hunt.


Look at that perfect snug fit!


Why Zipper, why =(

I’m also working on a project with the help of my Dad that I can’t wait to share. It’s Brandon’s anniversary present, which I hope he’ll love =). I’ve been taking photos of it so I can show the progress when I blog about it, but because Brandon reads my blog, albit only occasionally, I can’t risk him finding out the design =P, so you will all need to wait like him.

Helen ♥

January 11, 2016

DIY Wine Cellar

Just before the new year I may have purchased half a dozen red wines, with Brandon’s blessing. There was no way we’d finish 6 bottles of wine is one go, thus a storage solution was required! We couldn’t afford a wine storage cabinet seeing as they were $200+ so we planned to repurpose the mini fridge we were using when we first moved in. Excuse the mess, as you can see I tried unsuccessfully to blur it out hehe.


PC Mini Fridge (soon to be wine storage)

Fast forward to last week the Digital Refrigerator Thermostat finally arrived after a month of waitng, only for us to find out that it was the wrong one. The one we received only controls heat, we needed a cooling one =(. So now we have to refund it. On a happy note the seller is happy for us to refund it, so we’ll sort all that out first before we buy the correct one. So close, yet so far =(. Will update on our progress when we finally have it up and running. I was super sad last night lying on the floor feeling sorry for myself haha, but now my resolve has returned! This wine storge cabinet will work!

This is the highest temp we could get the fridge to without the thermostat, it’s the one that says outdoor temp. We’ve also got to make sure the humidity is in the right levels too, but first things first, temperature control!


Current Mini Fridge Temperature 7.1°C

We need to get the temperature down to 14°C, which isn’t possible in our current state =(. I hope the wine can survive a few more weeks of heat.

Oh I should probably explain how the thermostat is supposed to work, basically you put the sensor attached the the thermostat into the fridge, plug the thermostat into the powerpoint and then the fridge into the thermostat. You then set the ideal temperature for you environment and when the temperature is in a range +/-1°C outside your set range it will either turn the fridge on or off. The one we got would only turn the appliance on if the temperature dropped below the set temperature, which for us would have made things colder.

Till next time,
Helen ♥

P.S. We’re using the Aqua Systems Wireless Weather Station to gauge the temperature of the fridge in the above picture, there’s two pieces to the unit, the above digital read out and a smaller transmitter that also has the temperature and humidity displayed, so far it’s pretty good and you can apparently connect more units (up to 3) and display their temperatures in the main unit, we haven’t tried that yet, with our budget and all, but I’ve found a few on ebay that look similar and cheap. So we’ll maybe give it a whirl next year, it would’ve be nice to display the real outdoor temperature and humidity once in a while =P.

P.P.S. I’m updating this whilst in bed and Brandon just sleep stole my sheet =.=”””.

December 20, 2014

Eat me

Delicious, yummy food in me.
Eat me, eat me, please oh please.
Hurrah! Down I go!

A little haiku I wrote as part of the handwritten lunch notes I made for a friend’s birthday =). The last line was the hardest.

Helen ♥

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