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Apr 27, 2015

Silly us

The silly little conversations that we have =P.


We’re moving in together!
Currently painting our place (and deciding between 6 different types of whites haha) and making small repairs. So lucky we have my dad helping us!

Yay the dinnerware delivery just arrived! Going downstairs to pick it up now.

Helen ♥

Dec 6, 2013


Stupid thing of the week; there’s this nail polish remover that I have that gives you chemical burns. I keep telling myself to throw it out cause chemical burns is a bad thing, though I still haven’t done it yet, and gave myself chemical burns over the weekend. At this rate I’ll probably end up building a resistance against it haha.

On to other news, Sindy & Eddie had their engagement party last weekend. It was awesome, there were ponies, a slushy machine and a fairy floss machine! They also had photos from the proposal in Fiji tied to helium balloons =).
Photo below is of our masterful creations on the fairy floss machine.


Fairy Floss from Sindy & Eddie's Engagement

There’s been so many events I haven’t had a chance to blog about!! But I’ll try my best once I get all my photos and studying in order!

Can’t wait for the next few weekends. Celebrating Phillip’s 18th, then a bbq birthday for Billy, Moonie and Smitty.
Possibly Joseph’s and then a bbbq at Nathan’s to meet his girlfriend =).

Climbing, it’s been great! We’re mainly bouldering at ECAT now. I’m slowly improving, up to V3’s and V4’s now. The boys are improving faster than me, and Brandon’s just started climbing a bit after getting the all clear. Can’t wait for our Asia trip next year. We’re going to boulder in Hong Kong! So excited!!!

Writing this as I walk the streets of Sydney. I should probably stop =P.

Helen ♥

Aug 2, 2011

Would you like some Rape with that? ;-)

Second Row, Third Column.

Rape Plant 油菜 Yóucài a.k.a 菜心 (choy sum or cai xin) a.k.a yow choy

Rape Plant 油菜 Yóucài a.k.a 菜心 (choy sum or cai xin) a.k.a yow choy

Made me giggle.
Yes I am immature =]P.

For those who want to learn,
this is an extract from Choy Sum 菜心, the heart of the vegetable;

Choy sum has many names. It is also known as the chinese flowering cabbage, cai xin ((菜心), yow choy, and yow choy sum (those with yellow flowers).

I am familiar with it as cai xin, its mandarin name. However I believe in the US and other parts of the world, the cantonese equivalent, is a more common name.

Chinese or Cantonese, the name literally translates as “heart of the vegetable”

If you are thinking of finding out more about this vegetable, its scientific name is brassica parachinensis. A mouthful, I know.

It is also part of the Rape Plant family (brassica etc etc) =]P.

Also writing up my to do list for 2011,
and I do realise half the year has come and gone,
but better late than never right?

Seeing you soon,
Helen ♥

Jul 26, 2011

Tsk at you Big Bird

Big Bird’s a slut,
apologies for the language,
but he is, a certified slut =]P.

Angry Birds Maths

Angry Birds Maths

Stolen from: The Project – Angry Birds Maths

Helen ♥

P.S. I think it’s a possiblity that he (Big Bird) fell into the gene pool when Elmo and Oscar were making that red angry bird, putting it nicely that is… It’s a wonder where the red angry bird got that all too familiar beak…
pretty similar to old yellow and blue there, coincidence?

P.P.S. Further apologies for ruining anybody’s childhood,
but hey the picture started it =]P…
and I never really like Sesame Street all that much as a kid for some reason.

Jul 24, 2011

Christmas 1993

I just happened to find this video in my fileden account when I was looking for another video to post, I’ll post that video at a later date.
For now there’s this one to enjoy, a simple translation is provided underneath =]P.

Wendy’s Mum: Sucking on your thumb? Are you going to eat your toes too?
Helen: *Shakes head*
Wendy’s Mum: You’re not?
Helen: *Sucks on toes*
Wendy’s Mum: Whaaaa, you’ve gone crazy. What did you spit out?

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Jul 21, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you,
my ridiculously handsome boyfriend.

Ridiculous in the sense that he defies the laws of handsome-ness,
as well as ridiculous in the sense that he makes me smile.
I mean how can look at him and not help, but smile to youself, in a good way =].

I shall name this photo sexy brandon woof woof, and hope it comes up in google images =]P.
Please don’t eat me =D.

Sexy Brandon Woof Woof

Sexy Brandon Woof Woof

I love you honey,
Helen ♥

P.S First day of work was awesome! Intersect’s a wonderful organisation =].

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