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January 18, 2016

Our Little (Re)Treat

The sun is slowly making my shade disappear, I can feel my half my body burning under my clothes =(, so I’m going to make this quick!

Not long till our anniversary trip =), we’ve sorted most of the itinerary and even found a place to have our anniversary dinner, yay! We’re super excited, especially since our accomodation for two nights (1 in Merimbula and the other at Batemans Bay) is only $162.50! Which is an awesome price seeing as most other accommodation would have totalled $300, more money to spend on food yay!

There’s still a few more things to tweak, but so far we’re hitting at least:
–  6 Oyster Farms
– 4 Wineries
– 3 Cheese Centres/Factories
– 1 Two Hatted Resturant
– 1 Zoo
and hopefully 1 National Park

As you can see, being able to save on accommodation will make such a difference. Can’t wait to let you know how it all goes and if we’re able to hit all those places and still have fun.

I’ll leave you with this picture of me trying to fit my keyboard in this perfectly sized bag, alas the zipper was the downfall. So I’m still on the hunt.


Look at that perfect snug fit!


Why Zipper, why =(

I’m also working on a project with the help of my Dad that I can’t wait to share. It’s Brandon’s anniversary present, which I hope he’ll love =). I’ve been taking photos of it so I can show the progress when I blog about it, but because Brandon reads my blog, albit only occasionally, I can’t risk him finding out the design =P, so you will all need to wait like him.

Helen ♥

September 10, 2015

So Close!

Tripit and the counter top the right → (if you’re reading this on the desktop version) is telling me there’s only 2 MONTHS TO GO TILL MY TRIP!!!!

I’m so excited!!! We’ve pretty much got everything planned, train times, JR Pass accommodation and the Ghibli museummmmmmm! Speaking of the JR Pass, we managed to get a great deal and saved $50. We were pretty lucky though cause the prices changed the next day. The only worrying thing about this trip is the exchange rate. AUD is tanking hard =(. But who knows what 2 more months might do.

We’re visiting all the theme parks, Disneyland, DisneySea, Universal Studios and Ocean Park (in Hong Kong).

I cannot wait for the food! It’s making me hungry already haha.

Speaking of food I still need to blog about our little dinner!

Till next time,
Helen ♥

July 14, 2015

Bus Blogging

2 months and 8 days.
9 weeks and 6 days.
69 days.

That’s three ways to show how long we’ve been living together and we’ve got some pretty good stats:

Deaths: 0
Blown fuse: 1
Broken dinnerware: 1
Forgotten keys: 1
Pressing a neighbour’s intercom to get in: 1
Breaking into our own place: 1
Rain drenched washing: 1
No light in bedroom: 1.5 weeks
Underwear/socks dropped in common areas: 2
Empty tank: 0

I think we should focus on the zero deaths and zero empty tanks for the car. I mean really, those are the most important things =P.

It’s been fun… and tiring. I’m actually really tired night now. There’s never enough hours in a day. We both get home after 6pm then we have to cook, clean and shower then it’s pretty much bed time. Sometimes we try to wake up early for the washing other times we scramble to get out the door.

But we wouldn’t give it up for the world =). It’s really nice having each other there and sharing a home together ♥!

Some quick updates:
– We finally bought a couch, though we won’t get it till October (whooo electric recliners) so we’re still sitting on the bean bags/carpet/floor/cushions.
– We have an amazing quilt cover with matching pillows!!! (those things are expensive). I’ll post photos later.
– We just installed a hat rack in the laundry for our coats and jackets (thanks Dad!!!)
– We purchased a dining table, but we had to return it cause it was faulty and the quality was so-so, but it looked so nice =(.
– We have 2 carpets, a soft high pile one for the bedroom and a beautiful blue one for the living room =D

The new coat of paint made such a difference. When we’ve gotten everything we want I’ll post pictures.

On a completely unrelated note, I CAN’T WAIT FOR JAPAN!

We’re finally kicking off the planning process. Hopefully we’ll have everything booked by the end of August, and then it’ll just be a waiting game. Our trip will be so jam packed but I can’t wait to have no sleep in another country hehe. I only wish Joseph could’ve come =(, at least it sounds like Daniel might. If they don’t we’ll just have to have extra fun their behalf!

I’m on the train now, only two stops till I’m home.

Should probably pay attention so I don’t miss my stop (I’ve already done that once before haha =.=”””).

Till next time,
Helen ♥

March 7, 2015

Thank you for supporting my Ride to Conquer Cancer!!

The thank you email that summed up my insane ride as promised! This was sent on Thursday, 16 October 2014 1:21 PM to everyone that donated or asked about my ride, my whole team at work and my team of riders.

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Last weekend, I did what I thought would be impossible, I cycled over 200km over 2 days with 904 other riders, from Olympic Park to Windsor (camping overnight) and then back again as part of The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. I did it on my trusty mountain bike that I got from Kmart /Target on sale for $100 more than 10 years ago (No, I haven’t really grown =)), the gears weren’t spot on when you changed it, there was a fine layer of rust, it was really really really heavy and it wasn’t at all suited for this ride which I was told after the ride. It took me about 18.5 hours but I did it, and I couldn’t have done it without your support!

Trying to lift my bike after 200km

Trying to lift my bike after 200km.

THANK YOU to all those donated and supported me, I pushed myself physically and mentally up those hills because I told everyone that I would ride 200km, and ride all of 200km I did, there were so many times where walking up the those steep hills with my bike in tow would have been the easier option but I knew that each and every one of you would have been there shouting your support and cheering if you were there, so I persisted no matter how ridiculous I looked slowly inching my way up. I couldn’t let you all down! =)

THANK YOU to my team mates Sonia and Carlo from CBA, you made this such an amazing journey! I would never have signed up for the ride and discovered my mental and physical strength if it wasn’t for you guys =). Congratulations on finishing the ride!!!

My team mates

My team mates

THANK YOU to my family and boyfriend who supported me throughout the ride, getting up at 4am to see me off, visiting me at camp and meeting me at the finish line, and an even bigger thank you to my dad who also went looking for me on his motorcycle, joining me for part of the ride to make sure I was ok!

The greatest family

The greatest family

The best boyfriend

The best boyfriend

And finally THANK YOU to the volunteers, crew, sponsors and organisers that made this impossible event amazing! There was one clear thing that I learnt from this ride, it was that cancer affects everyone from the patients to their family and friends around them but there is a cure, and we can beat it! Already treatment has improved in the last 20 years where the survival rate of common cancers has increased by 30% this wouldn’t been possible research and your support. If you would like to donate to show your support, please visit:

Some stats:

Day Day 1 Day 2
Weather Sunny 29°C Sunny 32°
My Ride Time 9 hours approx. (A few did this day in 4 hours =O) 9.5 hours approx.
Distance 99.7km 112.9km
Maps Click on map for detailed link, please do not edit.




Total Raised 3.6 Million by 905 riders

To see a few more photos from my ride you can search on my hashtag:
My official bike lifting photo

Warm Regards,
Helen Huang

So that was it, my crazy little achievement!

Till next time,
Helen ♥

June 6, 2014


More blogging when we get back! #MelonBrandydoSINGAPORE



Have a great long weekend Sydney,
Helen ♥

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