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Sep 27, 2011


Thoughts and happenings of the day:

If you had almost the same voice to the person you were talking to…
wouldn’t that make you sound like you were talking to yourself?
This thought crossed my mind as I was walking from the station and this girl sounded like she was talking to herself, mainly cause her friend wasn’t voicing anything, but it made me think that strange little thought.

You know what is a HUGE indicator that you really need to fold your clothes and put them away…
When you can hide behind the pile and your dad doesn’t know you’re home till about an hour and a half later. Mum found me in 10 minutes cause she didn’t believe I wasn’t home yet XD.
To be fair, they’re sitting on my chair so they’re much higher then one would expect… which is probably another big indicator that I need to put my clothes away, since my computer chair is currently housing my clothes and I’m sitting on a stool XD. It’s kinda like a halfway house for my clothes =D, or you could say they’ve pushed me out of my home =O!

Hmm what else…… Ooooo I drink a lot of water when I’m at work, XD it helps keep me awake, I HAVE A WATER BELLY XD!

YAYYY I get to see Alice on Thursday, haven’t see that silly bill in AGES!

Doctor Who’ing,
Helen β™₯

Apr 20, 2011

China Day #1, April 12 – The Fun

So last time I said, that I’d hopefully make a happy post, well here it is =]P.
The publishing of this post is going to be delayed since I’m in China and I’ve hardly gotten anytime to get on the internet, but here it goes. (Also going to break up the posts or there’ll be too much)

So all assignments, DONE AND DONE =D. Just hoping Rowena hands in my PMP wikileaks report, but she’s trustworthy so she will =]. I ended up all-nightering both of them. But it all worked out in the end. The finishing of them, I’ll worry about the marks later XD.

The fun part was all-nightering WSD in China with no word. But thankfully I fixed that problem, after much stress. It went something like this,
> Checks blackboard in China and finds out WSD is due in 8 or so hours.
> Discovers I forgot my Office and Visio disc.
> Attempts to download a trial version of word.
> Keeps getting redirected; eventually gets download started.
> ESTIMATED DOWNLOAD TIME… 10 TO 12 HOURS O.O” Assignment is due in less than 8 hours by now.
> Figures out there’s a word installed on the laptop; uses trial key.
> Crosses fingers and… then… success.
> Procceds to complete assignment.
> XD finishes 1 hour before it’s due. Though in-between I was getting attacked by mosquitos and falling asleep, cause I had hardly slept for the previous two days.

Fast forward more than 12 hours, I finished PMP, and then had to pack a few things and off to the station we went, with 24 items of luggage. I can tell you, it was sooooooooooooo much fun, all the lifting and shifting. XD we were at least 20kg overweight, but we managed not to get fined, and also got bumped up to business class hehe ^^.

I also saw Alice at the airport, cause we found out a few days before that we were leaving on the same day. Pretty cool cause bumping into her was a coincidence and leaving on the same day was also a coincidence.

Ahh tired, I’ll post more later.
Oooo and Brandon’s birthday was pretty good, we went bowling and karaoke. I won the second game YAYYYYYY XD.

I miss you so much honey.
I can’t wait to get back to you.

All this is carry-on tehehe

All this is carry-on tehehe

Helen β™₯

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