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January 18, 2011

Bowling Pies

HEHEHEHE, remember how I made the pie the other day?
There was much more spillage than I first thought.
So when I preheated the oven the next day to bake my adjusted apple pie for Ed’s Fully Sick Picnic, the spillage started to cook/burn and thick smoke came out of the oven.

XD my dad had to disable the smoke alarm so it wouldn’t go off and put a fan in front of the oven cause there was that much smoke.
In the end I took my uncooked pie to Ed’s and we baked it there.
Thank goodness Ed’s mum put the tray back in the oven, cause there was was a bit of spillage this time too.
Lesson Learnt: A tray MUST be placed under any fruit filled pies etc.

Oh and the pie was awesome =], but I forgot to take pictures =(.
I fixed the pastery problem and reduced the sugar and cinnamon, the first pie was too sweet.
The only thing I forgot was to sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top =O.
I’ll get it perfect on my third go =]P.

My arm hurts from bowling, totally building muscles XD.
Also, “Ong Bak” is insane, we watched it after bowling and the final scene was just like WHAT THE HELL?!!!! XD.
So crazy.

Helen ♥

January 16, 2011


Ehh I feel like throwing up ><.
So moody these days, stupid late periods,
I blame you!

At least I got pie.
I’ll work on making it look prettier XD.

Mmm Apple Pie ^^

Mmm Apple Pie ^^

Helen ♥

January 15, 2011


Yay I did a good deed today =D, and I got a pair of heels for $5.
Whoot now I have a pair of heels I don’t need to worry about,
though I’ll still keep it in good condition of course =]P.

Role reversal is weirddddddd and it makes things that much crazier XD.
Which reminds me, I really want to go to the beach.

Whoot going to attempt making an apple pie tomorrow.
The challenge isn’t making the pie, it’s waking up early enough so I can make the most of my day.
I’ll upload pictures if it doesn’t turn out too ugly =D.

$5 Heels =O

$5 Heels =O

Helen ♥

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