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November 15, 2011


… is what I’ll shout when I finally finish my exams, maybe XD
Ahhh already looking forward to the end before even beginning.

I can’t tell you how good it was to finish all those assignments, THREE, in ONE week,
almost exactly one after the other, actually it was one after the other.
I’d have to say though, I’m getting better at finishing assignments faster… when there’s pressure XD.

Don’t you hate it when you have something on your mind,
and it grows and grows like an infection?
Gosh, I hate that =]P.

And my birthday was great =D, beautiful sunny day,
though SOMEONE, was silly enough to wear jeans =.=”””.
And then finished off with a lovely dinner and dessert =].
I got a birthday card from my cousin with gift cards today =],
I really enjoyed what she wrote on the card,

Twenty one is the magical age
when responsibility
starts to taste better than alcohol.
Enjoy your new taste for responsibility.

                                               November 2011

Here’s a bit of eye candy… from Halloween ;D.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Nommmm Candy

Nommmm Candy

Ooo I forgot to mention,
remember that emoticon problem I had agessssss ago?
(Memory Boost – You’re Just Messing With Me)
Turns out it was all stupid Brad’s fault cause he was using an older version of MSN, so it was screwing up for me XP~~~~.

Sun’s up, Sleep time,
Helen ♥

October 19, 2011


It feels like something’s missing,
it’s not the same…
Maybe it’s just been too long,
maybe not,
I don’t know…

Yay almost done with assignments,
I really feel like eating fish and chip right now,
I almost screwed up the assignment submission,
But after three tries, I made ittttttt!!!!

Went through a few 21st’s in the last few weeks,
I don’t think I’ll be having one,
it’s been so long since I’ve done anything,
but I don’t think I want to, ‘this not my style anymore.
Probably just disappear somewhere =].

Celebration concert this week,
hehe I hope I’ll still be able to sing.
It’ll be fun =D.

Ooo and the Non-Thank You Picnic went pretty well,
for a day that was suppose to rain,
a little chilly, but the cold builds character!

Off to class now, cheerio,
Helen ♥

September 19, 2011

Life Now…

Whoot blogging from my iPad 2, haha the iPad autocorrected, and capitalised the P.
So my life to date:
– Sent that letter to St. George… They better give me my money back!
– Currently on break, but still have assignments to do, especially SITP.
– Watching Footloose by myself tonight
– Getting excited for the Non-Thank You Picnic, that isn’t really a picnic, just waiting for the call back, save the date guys, Monday 3rd October!.
– Super happy for not getting not penalised for handing in an assignment late.
– Went to Preet’s 21st, which was AWESOME!
– anddddd I still need to do my Tax return XD.

Crying when I’m frustrated or disappointed seems to be becoming a bad habit =(.

Not working,
Helen ♥

P.S Yayyy just got a call from work, they’ll be needing me to come in more regularly =D

May 11, 2011

Mentholatum Is So Good

I really hope it’s not killing my brain cells or anything along those lines.
So I’m back from China, had an awesome time, and now I’m sick, which explains the mentholatum. I’ve actually got three posts lined up about my trip to China, but it’s a slow work in progress. But I’m pushing to post those on the weekend.

Breaking habits is hard.
For example, I wasn’t going to make any posts till I finished off my China posts, cause I like order and sequencing and etc. Which is sometimes hard to believe especially considering and craziness that comes out of my mouth and the state of my room. But that’s what I do, I find it hard to do an assignment that’s due later over one that’s due earlier. And I find it especially hard to remain concentrated on one thing.

Basically all this rambling boils down to assignmenting.
But this all going to change!
Starting tomorrow, it’s too late today XD.
I am not going to get distracted when I attempt assignments!
I will prioritise my assignments!
I will give myself a realistic deadline that I will actually complete the assignment by!
And I will continue doing all of the above.

How will I do this? I have no idea XD. Maybe it’ll do it in increments. Or reward myself generously when I meet my goals.
But I will do it!

Gearing Up,
Helen ♥

April 20, 2011

China Day #1, April 12 – The Fun

So last time I said, that I’d hopefully make a happy post, well here it is =]P.
The publishing of this post is going to be delayed since I’m in China and I’ve hardly gotten anytime to get on the internet, but here it goes. (Also going to break up the posts or there’ll be too much)

So all assignments, DONE AND DONE =D. Just hoping Rowena hands in my PMP wikileaks report, but she’s trustworthy so she will =]. I ended up all-nightering both of them. But it all worked out in the end. The finishing of them, I’ll worry about the marks later XD.

The fun part was all-nightering WSD in China with no word. But thankfully I fixed that problem, after much stress. It went something like this,
> Checks blackboard in China and finds out WSD is due in 8 or so hours.
> Discovers I forgot my Office and Visio disc.
> Attempts to download a trial version of word.
> Keeps getting redirected; eventually gets download started.
> ESTIMATED DOWNLOAD TIME… 10 TO 12 HOURS O.O” Assignment is due in less than 8 hours by now.
> Figures out there’s a word installed on the laptop; uses trial key.
> Crosses fingers and… then… success.
> Procceds to complete assignment.
> XD finishes 1 hour before it’s due. Though in-between I was getting attacked by mosquitos and falling asleep, cause I had hardly slept for the previous two days.

Fast forward more than 12 hours, I finished PMP, and then had to pack a few things and off to the station we went, with 24 items of luggage. I can tell you, it was sooooooooooooo much fun, all the lifting and shifting. XD we were at least 20kg overweight, but we managed not to get fined, and also got bumped up to business class hehe ^^.

I also saw Alice at the airport, cause we found out a few days before that we were leaving on the same day. Pretty cool cause bumping into her was a coincidence and leaving on the same day was also a coincidence.

Ahh tired, I’ll post more later.
Oooo and Brandon’s birthday was pretty good, we went bowling and karaoke. I won the second game YAYYYYYY XD.

I miss you so much honey.
I can’t wait to get back to you.

All this is carry-on tehehe

All this is carry-on tehehe

Helen ♥

March 21, 2011

Uni assignments are the BEST… o.o

Now there are usually two reasons why I don’t blog; One, I’m lazy; Two, I usually blog at the end of the night, so if I sleep late then I usually don’t blog :-P.

Recently it’s been the latter, mainly cause I have uni at 9am =O.
So a quick update on all things I’ve been up to and things I’ve learned.

– Started shooting .22’s ^^.
– Mardi Gras parade ;D, I took a sign home ‘Travel Together’.
– Ate at a Japanese buffet with Yasaswi, Ed and Amy, it was good, not the best but that’s expected for all you can eat =]P. I forgot the name of the place though.
– Watched ‘The Adjustment Bureau’, it reminded me of ‘Dark City’, so it was pretty good most of the time when I was paying attention, which wasn’t the movie’s fault, I was distracting myself/being distracted =]P.
– And had an awesome night out in the city which consisted of lots of meat, teapots, getting kicked out XD, pies, getting soaked, buses and taxis and a sleepover.

1. Don’t rub a mosquito bite, it’ll only make it worse cause you’ll rub the skin off and it’ll look like a burn.
2. Always be prepared, you never know when you might need certain things.
3. Alcohol doesn’t necessarily make someone more honest.
4. Dating is pretty expensive XD.
5. Games and bets make everything more fun ;).
6. Couch cushions are pretty comfy.
7. Sleeping late makes you tired, one I still haven’t seemed to have learnt yet XD.
8. Getting wet is pretty fun, but you get cold afterwards.
9. Not telling someone the complete truth makes things easier for everyone in a way… but… it might delay things.
10. Building on that previous point… You can’t fix everything.

I have three due in the same week on consecutive days in week 6; it’s currently week 4 now and I also have two parties before the weekend before they’re due, so I definitely need to finish.
And the week after I have an assignment due whilst I’m in china, for a subject that has a 25% failure rate, so I have to start that pretty soon.
Also, have continue writing those notes I’ve already neglected.

Also this is pretty funny, a combination of natural shading/light, angles and a rifle pressed into your arm can make it look like you havee muscles XD.



Here’s to keeping up; socially, academically, physically, romantically and mentally,
Helen ♥

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