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November 2, 2015

Happy Face

More exciting than Japan… BRANDON’S COOKING FOR ME. It’s an early birthday celebration =). I’m not allowed to return home until 7:30pm! I also get my birthday present as well hehe. I’ll be spending my actual birthday in DISNEYLAND! I have the Birthday Passport already. Apparently I get a birthday medal, a sticker and a soft toy. You have to pay more for it but yayyyy medal! I hope I don’t whack myself in the face with it on rides.

The countdown continues!

Counting down,
Helen ♥

December 6, 2010


Hi my name is Helen,
and I really want a drink.
Luckily this usually occurs when I cannot have a drink,
or when there is nothing to drink.
Case in point, Home Thai,
they didn’t serve alcohol,
so no drink there.
Also at Ed’s dinner,
I was driving,
so no drinking.

The same seems to be happening when it comes to shopping.
I’m always looking for something to buy,
but there’s nothing I like XD.
Haha which is also the same when I want to download things.

Hmm what else might be a failed addiction…
I can’t seem to think of more right now… maybe later.

Dinner, desert and capitols yesterday was awesome,
It was great seeing everyone again, yay
even though each time there’s heaps of craziness involved.
Ooo and we all need to drink one day!!!
No more seeing each other a few times a year,
we must meet up moreeee.

On a side note,
I don’t know what to get for a friend’s birthday.
It feels as if something’s missing,
but I can’t think of anything else.

There were some other things that were all my mind quite a bit,
but this post is already long enough.
So future posts may include topics containing:
– Regrets
– Annoying attributes/traits
– Awesome attribute/traits
– Loyalty
– Facades
– Patience
– Goals

Choo chooing to the Opera House for the Nutcracker with Holly now =]

Helen ♥

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