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Nov 2, 2015

Happy Face

More exciting than Japan… BRANDON’S COOKING FOR ME. It’s an early birthday celebration =). I’m not allowed to return home until 7:30pm! I also get my birthday present as well hehe. I’ll be spending my actual birthday in DISNEYLAND! I have the Birthday Passport already. Apparently I get a birthday medal, a sticker and a soft toy. You have to pay more for it but yayyyy medal! I hope I don’t whack myself in the face with it on rides.

The countdown continues!

Counting down,
Helen ♥

Jan 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Holly!

Holly turned 16 yesterday, that means it’s time for her L’s! This will be a scary period haha. She still hasn’t studied for it yet, not that I did. I just did the practice test online over and over again. I studied for my P’s though.


Holly's Birthday Cake

I’ve also been playing with Pixlr Express on my phone (as you can see in my photos). It’s actually pretty good and fun. Big thumbs up from me. I may have also just downloaded some of their (Autodesk Inc.) other apps to play with. Didn’t know they made Sketchbook Mobile (here’s the free version, Sketchbook Mobile Express) and the sketchbook apps series too. My phone can use Sketchbook Pro now. I really wanted to get it when google had their 10c and 50c sales but it wasn’t compatible with my phone at the time =(.


Blue Shoes from Novo

Breaking in new shoes, that I got last year today. I already have blisters which is the main reason as to why I originally put off breaking them in last year ><.

But it's ok! I got band-aids from the first aid cupboard! Pretty sure they've passed their best before date. Also found finger cots =P.


Band-aids to the rescue!

YAY dumplings tonight ;D.

Work, work, work all day,
Helen ♥

Nov 5, 2013

Last Day!

Today will be the last day I’m 22. I can’t even really remember what I did this time last year haha. But I do know what I want for my 23rd year! Some of these plans are in motion, and some are still in the works.
My plan for the year to come:
– Concentrate on studying!
– Get my SAP Certificate!!!!!!
– Travel overseas with a group of friends
– Return from said overseas trip alive! XD
– Ski in New Zealand
– Get a completely permanent role from the graduate program
– Buy our own place, outright! (Hehe kidding, but get a place where we can enjoy spending time with each other =))
– Get another lens for my camera =D
– Consistently climb V4s and V5s
– Finish off a few TV shows
– Possibly get a car, depending on where we move to
– Finish off that project!

Late night nights,
Helen ♥

Apr 9, 2012

Update of Life

Currently on the train to right now to meet up with Brandon for his pre-birthday. I have work tomorrow so I can’t see him =(.

So an update on life as of now. Work has been crazy, but crazy good. The first two weeks I hardly had any time for relaxing, well I did, but at the sacrifice of sleep XD. There was just so much to organise, Diversity Day and Technology Day =O. I’m really enjoying this internship though, everyone’s really nice and they give me responsibilities and expect work for me =). They even gave me these flowers for doing such a great job =).


Work Flowers

I really need to get studying for uni though, I don’t want to fail this one final subject, that would be utterly stupid ><".
My Easter has been the busiest yet, slept over at Ed's, Vintage shopping, Movie Night at mine and now meeting Brandon for a late lunch and dinner =).

Ooo and I got a new fringe, also roses got Brandon =), and seem extra rose cause the florist gave me one for being beautiful =).


And those Coalcliff photos is going to take more time, I just haven’t been able to fix it up yet =(. But they will be, they will =D.

Helen ♥

Dec 18, 2011

Birthday Thanks

I know it’s a few weeks late,
but I want to thank all those that helped organise and came to my surprise birthday.
You guys did a great job and it makes we really happy and grateful to have you all as friends.

Haha I got a bit teary when I read the gratitude journal present and also laughed a bit at some of the ridiculous things that were written.
But thank you all for coming =D.

Helen ♥

Nov 15, 2011


… is what I’ll shout when I finally finish my exams, maybe XD
Ahhh already looking forward to the end before even beginning.

I can’t tell you how good it was to finish all those assignments, THREE, in ONE week,
almost exactly one after the other, actually it was one after the other.
I’d have to say though, I’m getting better at finishing assignments faster… when there’s pressure XD.

Don’t you hate it when you have something on your mind,
and it grows and grows like an infection?
Gosh, I hate that =]P.

And my birthday was great =D, beautiful sunny day,
though SOMEONE, was silly enough to wear jeans =.=”””.
And then finished off with a lovely dinner and dessert =].
I got a birthday card from my cousin with gift cards today =],
I really enjoyed what she wrote on the card,

Twenty one is the magical age
when responsibility
starts to taste better than alcohol.
Enjoy your new taste for responsibility.

                                               November 2011

Here’s a bit of eye candy… from Halloween ;D.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Nommmm Candy

Nommmm Candy

Ooo I forgot to mention,
remember that emoticon problem I had agessssss ago?
(Memory Boost – You’re Just Messing With Me)
Turns out it was all stupid Brad’s fault cause he was using an older version of MSN, so it was screwing up for me XP~~~~.

Sun’s up, Sleep time,
Helen ♥

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