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Sep 1, 2013


I remember once we went bowling, and we had a weird lane that wasn’t working. Some pins had gotten stuck down the back of the lane, and then those pins pulled in more pins and some bowling balls in as well.

We left them there until it became too ridiculous to play cause it pretty much stopped the whole game. An attendant had to go behind and free them. But some of those pins got stuck again, though we left them, cause we tried to move them and it was one of those things where you have to make a choice; to move them and face having it happen over and over again or to move on and put in a work around.

So we did the latter, and played around the pins. I wanted to move them again, but I had a feeling those pins would have stubbornly gotten stuck again plus they weren’t being disruptive anymore and we only had the one game to play.

I won the game =), but we lost as a team to the boys. Next time we’ll beat them!

Sometimes you get a little stuck,
Helen ♥

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Apr 20, 2011

China Day #1, April 12 – The Fun

So last time I said, that I’d hopefully make a happy post, well here it is =]P.
The publishing of this post is going to be delayed since I’m in China and I’ve hardly gotten anytime to get on the internet, but here it goes. (Also going to break up the posts or there’ll be too much)

So all assignments, DONE AND DONE =D. Just hoping Rowena hands in my PMP wikileaks report, but she’s trustworthy so she will =]. I ended up all-nightering both of them. But it all worked out in the end. The finishing of them, I’ll worry about the marks later XD.

The fun part was all-nightering WSD in China with no word. But thankfully I fixed that problem, after much stress. It went something like this,
> Checks blackboard in China and finds out WSD is due in 8 or so hours.
> Discovers I forgot my Office and Visio disc.
> Attempts to download a trial version of word.
> Keeps getting redirected; eventually gets download started.
> ESTIMATED DOWNLOAD TIME… 10 TO 12 HOURS O.O” Assignment is due in less than 8 hours by now.
> Figures out there’s a word installed on the laptop; uses trial key.
> Crosses fingers and… then… success.
> Procceds to complete assignment.
> XD finishes 1 hour before it’s due. Though in-between I was getting attacked by mosquitos and falling asleep, cause I had hardly slept for the previous two days.

Fast forward more than 12 hours, I finished PMP, and then had to pack a few things and off to the station we went, with 24 items of luggage. I can tell you, it was sooooooooooooo much fun, all the lifting and shifting. XD we were at least 20kg overweight, but we managed not to get fined, and also got bumped up to business class hehe ^^.

I also saw Alice at the airport, cause we found out a few days before that we were leaving on the same day. Pretty cool cause bumping into her was a coincidence and leaving on the same day was also a coincidence.

Ahh tired, I’ll post more later.
Oooo and Brandon’s birthday was pretty good, we went bowling and karaoke. I won the second game YAYYYYYY XD.

I miss you so much honey.
I can’t wait to get back to you.

All this is carry-on tehehe

All this is carry-on tehehe

Helen ♥

Feb 9, 2011

Long Post

The last few days have put a smile on my face.

Friday, we went to Burger Joint, and filled our little tummies and an unexpected person found the time to come =].
Mum also finally got it out of me about why I was getting so many texts =]P, had the expected conversation with her, which will happen several more times in the near future, but at least I get more freedom yay =D.

Saturday, Belinda’s party… AWESOME.
And the fact that she had a pool, DOUBLY AWESOME!
We blew pool cleaner tubes, ate frozen fruits, people drank, I was a designated driver so I couldn’t, and we wrestled and I thought I drowned Brandon XD.
Ahh Smitty makes me laugh, ‘delicious weather‘ XD.

Sunday, went to the Chinese Gardens open day, yay free entry XD. It was a good when it wasn’t windy, but it mostly was so I was freezing XD. The bumper cars at Galaxy World Market City are pretty crazy, you kind slide across the floor when you get hit.

Monday, conversed with my mum some more, and I was able to get the car for bowling, loving this freedom =]P.
Andddddd I cracked 100, all thanks to the lucky red ball, doesn’t stop me from being proud of myself XD. Hehe the gutters were a little broken, so we got free shots =D.

Today, had an amazing day today =]. Watched ‘Faster‘, which is a pretty good movie, we had no idea what the movie was about when we got the tickets XD.
Then went to Norita, mannnn samurai is a hard game, just setting it up confused the hell out of us.
And the city at night, never ceases to amaze me =].

Just a little photo to break things up, be afraid, very afraid. This was my best card =]P.

Ignore the misses hehe

Ignore the misses hehe

Helen ♥

Jan 18, 2011

Bowling Pies

HEHEHEHE, remember how I made the pie the other day?
There was much more spillage than I first thought.
So when I preheated the oven the next day to bake my adjusted apple pie for Ed’s Fully Sick Picnic, the spillage started to cook/burn and thick smoke came out of the oven.

XD my dad had to disable the smoke alarm so it wouldn’t go off and put a fan in front of the oven cause there was that much smoke.
In the end I took my uncooked pie to Ed’s and we baked it there.
Thank goodness Ed’s mum put the tray back in the oven, cause there was was a bit of spillage this time too.
Lesson Learnt: A tray MUST be placed under any fruit filled pies etc.

Oh and the pie was awesome =], but I forgot to take pictures =(.
I fixed the pastery problem and reduced the sugar and cinnamon, the first pie was too sweet.
The only thing I forgot was to sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top =O.
I’ll get it perfect on my third go =]P.

My arm hurts from bowling, totally building muscles XD.
Also, “Ong Bak” is insane, we watched it after bowling and the final scene was just like WHAT THE HELL?!!!! XD.
So crazy.

Helen ♥

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