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January 23, 2014

Longest Work Day Yet

So I started a little after 9am, finished work a little before midnight today and just home just before 1am.

Though I did have an hour’s travel time to get to the city for a two hour grad meeting, but still counts as work.

Brandon hurry back I’m sleepyyyyy. I knocked two deliverables out today, but whenever you send/release anything, you’ll always get more work in return the next day ><.

He's back. BEDTIME!

Helen ♥

December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day spending time with family and friends!

I’m super excited by the day and the upcoming festivities. Not to mentioned I’ve been super spoiled by my sexy boyfriend with Audio-Technica M50 headphones!!!

Haha already starting a headphone collection! He got the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro for me for my birthday last month but these glorious cans top those for different reasons though. I just love the warm (heavier) sounds and how they pick up the individual instruments beautifully . They’re fantastic! My mum says if I listen to my headphones to much I’ll become numb and bored by everyday sounds hehe.


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro && Audio-Technica M50

Had a great last few days filled with BBQs, heat, sprinkling, modified beer pong, board games, karaoke, yum cha, internet cafes, late nights, catching up and AWESOME friends!

Oh I also need to start wearing reading glasses cause I’m olddddddd, and because I use the computer a lot. I’m 0.5+ in both eyes.


Reading Glasses

I should sleep! Otherwise Christmas will never come!

Season Greetings,
Helen ♥

April 9, 2012

Update of Life

Currently on the train to right now to meet up with Brandon for his pre-birthday. I have work tomorrow so I can’t see him =(.

So an update on life as of now. Work has been crazy, but crazy good. The first two weeks I hardly had any time for relaxing, well I did, but at the sacrifice of sleep XD. There was just so much to organise, Diversity Day and Technology Day =O. I’m really enjoying this internship though, everyone’s really nice and they give me responsibilities and expect work for me =). They even gave me these flowers for doing such a great job =).


Work Flowers

I really need to get studying for uni though, I don’t want to fail this one final subject, that would be utterly stupid ><".
My Easter has been the busiest yet, slept over at Ed's, Vintage shopping, Movie Night at mine and now meeting Brandon for a late lunch and dinner =).

Ooo and I got a new fringe, also roses got Brandon =), and seem extra rose cause the florist gave me one for being beautiful =).


And those Coalcliff photos is going to take more time, I just haven’t been able to fix it up yet =(. But they will be, they will =D.

Helen ♥

November 15, 2011


… is what I’ll shout when I finally finish my exams, maybe XD
Ahhh already looking forward to the end before even beginning.

I can’t tell you how good it was to finish all those assignments, THREE, in ONE week,
almost exactly one after the other, actually it was one after the other.
I’d have to say though, I’m getting better at finishing assignments faster… when there’s pressure XD.

Don’t you hate it when you have something on your mind,
and it grows and grows like an infection?
Gosh, I hate that =]P.

And my birthday was great =D, beautiful sunny day,
though SOMEONE, was silly enough to wear jeans =.=”””.
And then finished off with a lovely dinner and dessert =].
I got a birthday card from my cousin with gift cards today =],
I really enjoyed what she wrote on the card,

Twenty one is the magical age
when responsibility
starts to taste better than alcohol.
Enjoy your new taste for responsibility.

                                               November 2011

Here’s a bit of eye candy… from Halloween ;D.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Nommmm Candy

Nommmm Candy

Ooo I forgot to mention,
remember that emoticon problem I had agessssss ago?
(Memory Boost – You’re Just Messing With Me)
Turns out it was all stupid Brad’s fault cause he was using an older version of MSN, so it was screwing up for me XP~~~~.

Sun’s up, Sleep time,
Helen ♥

July 30, 2011

Muffins om nom nom

Disclaimer: No actual muffins are actually mentioned, well not the muffins you’re allowed to eat. My muffin! Om nom nom =]P.

I had the best time last night =D.
Hehe I was actually writing this last night, but I fell asleep =]P.
I ate pasta, drank summer with mango =]P, was given something special which needs to be adjusted; I really don’t want to lose it, watched Captain America and all this was shared with a very special muffin, I mean man =]P.
Oh mannn I want to eat muffin’s now.

Six months =O, and then it’s my turn, I already have an inkling as to what we’re going to do ;-)… and there’s no heights… maybe =]P

Loveeee you muffin,
you make everyday special =].

And you make me smile too =],
Helen ♥

July 29, 2011

Whistling Nose

Has your nose ever whistled?
Mine is, it’s surprising annoying.
Everytime I sniffle, one of my nostril’s makes a whistling noise,
and the sniffle… it’s just unsatisfying.
There must be an extra hole in there =O.
And sometimes the nostril’s… take turns!!!

Work in several hours,
I can’t wait to see Mr. Cokinas after =]P,
let’s see what you think of.
Ooo that reminds me, I need to charge my camera, and this time I WILL take photos, instead of just carryingg my camera around. Actually I have a photo I could’ve uploaded, but I’ll save that for next time.

Helen ♥

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