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Dec 17, 2015

Christmas Cheer

I’m not going count last week as a failure, but a minor set back. I meant to blog on Sunday but we were super busy. We had an awesome Christmas Dinner at William Blue Dining and then had an early Christmas Lunch with Brandon’s family because his sister won’t be in the country for Christmas or New Years =(.


We’re having dinnerΒ lunch again at Brandon’s parents because he really wanted burgers so we’ll see how blogging goes.

SADIA’S PRE-WEDDING IS SATURDAY WAHHHHH. I can’t wait, I’ve never performed at a wedding before, so this will be exciting ^^.

Currently waiting for Brandon at work because he picked up our new car today!!!!!!!

Till next time,
Helen β™₯

P.S. I don’t know why the photo is red =(.

Oct 15, 2015

The Best

I know I don’t say this enough, but Brandon’s the best. For the last 3 nights he’s been giving me foot massages because I’ve been getting pains in my feet from wearing heels. At one point I fell asleep and he kept going =).

What more can you wish for =P. Well I guess less fighting haha, but we’re getting there. Slowly getting into that routine and meeting each others’ expectations.

Dinner tonight at Yaiyai’s!!! So excited. She always makes the yummiest food =D.

What else is there, helping Nathan move, James’ son’s 1 month dinner and JAPAN! We’re so close =).

Ooo I’m also dancing at Sadia’s Pre-Wedding with a few of the girls! It’s so exciting! We have matching sarees (man I did so much research trying to get the right spelling, apparently both saris and sarees its correct @.@. Sari is apparently used more in the US and saree more in India) and everything, even Brandon gets an outfit!

Lunch time! What an intense day so far!

Helen β™₯

Aug 22, 2011

Sigh at $$

It’s crazy the amount of money I’ve spent in the last two weeks.
And the amount of money I’ve estimated I’ll need to spend in the next four months is just insane… I need another job.
In the beginning of the year I was able to make $700 last over six-ish months.
But now, sigh… just sighhhhhh.

Damn you money, damn you.

On a brighter note,
dinner was good tonight =D.

You seem fed up.
It’s just one thing after another.
Time is so precious now.

Helen β™₯

May 15, 2011

China Day #9-#16, April 21-28 and then AUSTRALIA 29th! – The Second Week

If you didn’t think I could be lazier with posts, wait till you see this, not the first post XD, it doesn’t count, cause I copied and pasted that from the first week.

Spinning Around

Spinning Around

Thursday, 21st

Pretty much spent the whole day at Baiyun Mountain, it’s where my parents first met. Then had dinner with MOREEEEE family XD.


– Spinning around in circles and frustrating my mum (see picture of the right).
– Riding the tourist ride car thing up the moutain and then riding the cableway down from the mountain.
– Taking lots of pictures.
– Eating that delicious honey biscuit thing ^^.

Friday, 22nd
Dinner with dad’s side of the family, night before he and Holly left.

Saturday, 23rd
XD my dad took luvo’s with Holly… IN FIRST CLASS! =O

Sunday, 24th
Hong Konggggggg

Monday, 25th
Pretty lights and parks in Guangzhou

Tuesday, 26th
(no pictures for this one).

Wednesday, 27th
I fell in love with Bebichhichi and Monchhichi in China/Hong Kong β™₯

Thursday, 28th
Last delicious treat. IT WAS SOOO GOOD =D.
Little puffy ball of creammmmmmm.

Friday, 29th
Sunrise, whilst flying over Queensland

And that was my trip to China,
Helen β™₯

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Guangzhou 2011 =O

Guangzhou 2011 =O