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March 2, 2012


Coalcliff was pretty awesome,
hahaha but most of the time we had no reception and no internet, but we still managed to download Walking Dead and watch it.

Most nights there was drinking,
the breakfasts were awesome
and the Dinners were even better.
Though we usually didn’t have lunch or we snacked.

I came back up towards Sydney three times,
once for Aaron’s party, the second time for Luke’s party
and the third time to get Australia famous fish and chips =D.

Spent Valentine’s Day in semi-rain at Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk.
We got there and it was pouring, but we decided to do it anyway,
good thing we did, cause it cleared up heaps once we got out to the walk.

AND silliest thing ever, Smitty got sunburnt pretty much on the second day.
There are two photos of him sitting outside without sunscreen in the slideshow of him still white XD.
Silly Nathan XD.

Now photos for you all to enjoy,
Helen ♥

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February 9, 2011

Kissing Drinkers

This was actually part of the previous post but that was wayyyyyy too long, so I thought I’d break it up a bit =D.

If anyone was wondering, you CAN kiss someone if they’ve been drinking. It might register in a breathalyzer, but it’s just mouth alcohol, so you should ask for a blood test and nothing should come up.

That is unless the person you’ve been kissing is a crazy alcoholic and they’re a million times over the legal limit, which will proabably make their saliva become an alcoholic drink. That being said, if a person had THAT much alcohol in them, I don’t think they’d have much of a pulse left, just saying.

DISCLAIMER: The above is not from experience, but compiled from research (googling) I conducted after being told that you couldn’t kiss a person drinking alcohol if you were driving, when you actually can, which is the whole point of this little info session.

Helen ♥

January 22, 2011


Is there someone that captivates you? That you feel drawn to? That you makes you feel as if you know them even when you don’t?
Do they make you feel safe? Comfortable? At ease? Do they make you smile?

Haha I’ve become such a bad drinker now,
I use to be able to pace myself,
but now I just go all out.
I’m also act like a child when drunk XD, which I probably will be remembered for, for a while.

But for all the stupidity of getting drunk, there was something nice that came out of it all.
Thank you for looking after me, even though it meant you missed out on things and I’m sorry for being so difficult =]P.

Helen ♥

December 6, 2010


Hi my name is Helen,
and I really want a drink.
Luckily this usually occurs when I cannot have a drink,
or when there is nothing to drink.
Case in point, Home Thai,
they didn’t serve alcohol,
so no drink there.
Also at Ed’s dinner,
I was driving,
so no drinking.

The same seems to be happening when it comes to shopping.
I’m always looking for something to buy,
but there’s nothing I like XD.
Haha which is also the same when I want to download things.

Hmm what else might be a failed addiction…
I can’t seem to think of more right now… maybe later.

Dinner, desert and capitols yesterday was awesome,
It was great seeing everyone again, yay
even though each time there’s heaps of craziness involved.
Ooo and we all need to drink one day!!!
No more seeing each other a few times a year,
we must meet up moreeee.

On a side note,
I don’t know what to get for a friend’s birthday.
It feels as if something’s missing,
but I can’t think of anything else.

There were some other things that were all my mind quite a bit,
but this post is already long enough.
So future posts may include topics containing:
– Regrets
– Annoying attributes/traits
– Awesome attribute/traits
– Loyalty
– Facades
– Patience
– Goals

Choo chooing to the Opera House for the Nutcracker with Holly now =]

Helen ♥

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