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April 27, 2016

Ivy Small Paws

So I’ve done it, I’ve made a Instagram account for Ivy. It’s mostly for me, I enjoy scrolling through her photos and just looking at her and missing her haha. It also helps me cut down the cats that I’m following on my Instagram and follow them on her Instagram instead.

She’s definitely warmed up to us a lot more. She sleeps with us at the end of the bed, occasionally gives us little licks in the morning when it’s close her breakfast and gives us a little nose kiss every so often =).

Our current plan is to do a little bit of clicker training with her teach her to sit, follow the pencil end (which she occasionally does), get off items, get on items, get in her carrier, leash train her and maybe teach her to high five. Right now she follows the pencil, but she gets pretty lazy about it sometimes haha.

She’s a smart little kitty, she’s worked out how to open the built in wardrobe in her room (which we’ve now blocked) and she’s currently trying to work out how to open the kitchen cabinets.

We bought a little shark cave for her which she looks adorable in.

Instagram: Ivy in her Shark Cave

In other non Ivy news, we recently had a pregnacy scare. We did the whole pregnacy tests, blood tests and ultrasound, no I was not pregnant but we found out that I may have POCs, we see the fertility doctor next week. The pregnancy scare really helped us work through some of Brandon’s worries about kids and our relationship is much stronger for it.
So no littlies running around yet, but who knows in the near future =).

See you next time,
Helen ♥

August 25, 2012


I don’t know how to start this… I believe this only happened a few hours ago in New York, but there’s been a fatal shooting/s, I haven’t looked up any details yet. But the fact that it’s all over instagram with images of the victim (they’re tagged as the shooter, but apparently they’re the victim) is a little sad.

I mean I understand how people can use instagram to inform everyone of this very sad incident, but to have actual photos of those that have died posted up with their faces visible whilst there is an active investigation occurring is not only damaging to all those involved; the shooter, the victims and their families but could possibly affect the course of justice.

I’m all for non-censorship, but there’s a time and a place. and sometimes there’s a fine line. I think there’s a few arguments going around that people are doing a service to others by letting the world know. But in reality what difference does it make from reading about it to seeing it? They put graphic photos if what smoking can do to you, but people are still smoking. If you need photos to help you get passionate about something, maybe you’re not all that passionate about it.

And those that see it, it may affect them for a little while but later it just goes to the back of you mind (yes I know I’m generalising). But for those that are directly affect those images are there forever.

Sorry starting to ramble, blogging on my phone is hard and it’s almost 6am. I hope all those involved can find some peace in this tragic incident.

Helen ♥

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