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April 27, 2016

That Long Easter Break

So last post I said I was going to upload a photo of Ivy room, here it is! A bit late but still good.


Actually Ivy’s room looks a little different now, she had a little accident a.k.a she stepped and spread her poo everywhere during Easter, which we then cleaned up that night and had to chuck out a whole bunch of stuff, mostly the paper and some of her toys. She was quite grumpy at us while we were doing it too, as we had to put her in her carrier so she wouldn’t lick any of the floor cleaner.

Other than Ivy’s little accident, we mostly spent our Easter with our family and saw Yaya and Kirk, so it was a pretty relaxing long weekend sans the clean up.

Seeing as this post has been sitting in my local draft quite a while now. I’m going to post it and start a new post and talk all about Ivy haha.

Cat-ch you later,
Helen ♥

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